Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WooHoo, WooHooHoo, WooHoo, WooHooHoo....

that's the tune of the happy dance in our house [okay, and vonage commercials] and it's reserved for only the utmost important things that the boys do: going poop on the potty, eating all of their vegetables, counting to 10, or in today's case BUTTERBALL ROLLING OVER!!!

WooHoo, WooHooHoo, WooHoo, WooHooHoo {insert dancing while singing}WooHoo, WooHooHoo, WooHoo, WooHooHoo

yep, it is true. butterball rolled over from his back to his belly today! he was laying on his back under his floor gym and had his head turned upward, watching bubba and pooks and he kinda rocked and just flopped right over. even the little dudes did the happy dance. bubba even said that butterball was a big boy! lol!

not only is this an amazing accomplishment for butterball, but the fact that one of my kids rolled over before 4 months old is astonishing. okay okay, so he'll be four months old tomorrow but still. pookie didn't roll from back to belly til he was almost 9 months old. LOL. no there isn't anything wrong with them, the doctor just explained that since they have larger than avg heads and bellies, and they are typically laid back babies, the thought of rolling over just doesn't matter to them. they really have no interest because they are content. and honestly, that's pretty much pooks and butterball both: happy, chubby little babies without a care in the world. i'm proud of my little guy!
he started out like this...
(don't mind his outfit, I was getting ready to change his diaper when i saw how close he was to rolling)
he lifted his left shoulder up off the mat and tucked his right arm in...
and POOF! i love his ''what the hell just happened" look
yay butterball!! keep up the good work!

oh and i also wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy St Patrick's Day. while i am indeed part Irish (a pretty big chunk Irish, among other things) we didn't do anything special. no green beer, corned beef, cabbage or soda bread here. we didn't look for leprechauns or four leaf clovers. the boys and i did wear green and we made green play dough, which they had a blast with. i've never let them play with playdough before because i had a feeling pooks would eat it, but surprisingly he didn't eat a single bite. (once i reminded him about 1,000 times that we don't eat playdough, we play with playdough) he did however make a huge mess which i didn't even know you could do with playdough, but everything cleaned up nicely and it was fun while it lasted.
pooks pinching it into a million pieces (hence the messiness)
bubba dramatically using a cookie cutter
the look he gave me after reminding him not to eat the playdough
using his ''wolling pin" from his kitchen. he was making ''patend cookies''
and the one (out of focus) pic that i got of butterball as my camera battery died :(

ps.- the mystery to butterballs fussiness the other night has been solved: he was starving. okay starving might be a little dramatic but he was genuinely hungry. after going to the doctor yesterday because despite taking both zyrtec and benadryl intermittently for two freaking weeks i still couldn't breathe, i learned that breastfeeding moms shouldn't take zyrtec. while very little passes through milk to the baby, thus catergorizing it as a ''safe'' medication for BFing moms, apparently it's one MAJOR side effect is drying up a breastfeeding mom's milk supply. wouldn't it have been wonderful if the pharmacist would have TOLD ME THAT when i asked if it was safe for me to take? thanks jackass. so butterball was nursing non-stop because he wasn't actually getting very much each time. d'oh. i stopped taking that yesterday and i have nursed on demand all last night and all day today (basically i've been a human binky) and i up'd my fluids and he seems to be much more content tonight. thank goodness!
pps.- i think the above was entirely too long to be a "ps" but oh well!

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