Sunday, March 15, 2009

a whole lot of nothing

that's pretty much what we did this weekend. it was B's weekend for drill duty so he was working from 7-5 saturday and sunday and thus didn't want to do anything on friday night. which was okay with me because friday afternoon i had a pedicure and afterwards enjoyed some light shopping with my momma and i just wanted to continue to relax! i did however take the time to bake rascal some homemade dog treats. they were really easy and smelled wonderful while baking. and they are healthy and completely safe for humans to eat. so if pooks decides to eat one of rascal's biscuits i now know he's only ingesting milk, peanut butter, whole wheat flour and baking powder. whew!

saturday the boys and i finally got up and around and over to nanaw and papa's house around 11am. since both nanaw and papa were off on a saturday, i took advantage of that and crashed their house. the boys played, then ate lunch and took a nap. they always looks so stinking cute when they nap over there because they share a queen bed and just look adorable all snuggled up to each other. after naps papa took them on a walk to the park while nanaw, butterball* and i headed out to do some last minute birthday shopping. an entire hour of shopping without the little dudes whining (well i did have to listen to nanaw whine but everything has a trade-off!) was somewhat blissful. we then returned to the house and feasted on roast beef, potatoes, and green beans a la chef nanaw. it was delicious!

*butterball is peanut. peanut wasn't very fitting anymore and now he reminds me of a chubby lil' butterball turkey.

as you can imagine after last nights post, i didn't get too much sleep last night. i finally went to bed around 1am and fell into a really deep sleep. well i was ripped awake from that at 2am, 3:15am, 4:00am, 6:30am, and at 7am finally made my way downstairs with butterball. i'm not sure what his deal was/is but he was so fussy and i think he's constipated. he would wake up and draw his legs up and scream, nurse for about 2 minutes, fall back asleep. only to repeat again. he did this until about 11am this morning.

i was exhausted. when he finally fell asleep, i dressed bubba and pooks and stuffed butterball into his carseat to run errands before i fell asleep! we did a little grocery shopping {in which only 3 random people commented on "how full your hands are!"--yeah, first time i've heard that *eye roll*} and then did a drive thru lunch at Freddy's.

the little dudes LOVE freddy's. i will get a kids meal for them to split, and they will each eat the entire 1/2 cheeseburger and fries. when i say entire, i mean entire. as in there isn't a speck of food left on their plates and usually bubba starts to steal fries off of someone else's plate. and while Freddy's obviously isn't healthy, i had ulterior motives: to stuff their little tummy's so full that they would have no choice but to sleep it off.

worked like a charm :)

they slept from 1pm-3:45pm. WOoHOo! given the fact that i still had to feed butterball and get him settled down, i personally only napped from about 2-3:45 but it was blissful. i'll admit it, i literally drooled; seriously i woke up in a puddle of drool. (ain't that sexy?!) okay, okay granted that is mostly due to the fact that i can't breathe out of my nose and not because i was so in heaven with my nap but still, i did it.

so now i am about 15 minutes post nap, B is home early, butterball is still napping, bubba and pooks are watching "Cars" and here shortly i'll get up and start dinner.

gotta love lazy weekends because the next three weekends in a row, we have plans!

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