Wednesday, March 25, 2009

playdoh, exersaucers, and chubbiness--oh my!

title pretty much says it all. today we were at target when bubba started the infamous ''mama, i want dat'' for EVERYTHING in the toy department. well when he wanted play-doh i told him that he could use his birthday money for it. so that's what he did and i bet those boys seriously played with play-doh for an hour or more. they were obsessed!

in other news, i dusted off the ol' excersaucer for peanut to try out. he seemed....confused? idk, he wasn't wildly excited. he kinda had a ''what the hell is this'' expression on his face the whole time. i think we'll retire it to the basement for another few weeks becasue he didn't seem quite ready; he didn't want to keep weight on his legs, so he'd relax them but then kinda flop/lean back. that or it was because he got all his vaccinations yesterday and his chubby lil legs might be sore still. either way, we're not there yet.

speaking of vaccinations, bubba and peanut had doctor visits yesterday. bubba had his 3 year check up and he weighed in at 29lbs (15th percentile) and 35 inches (which isn't even on the chart). he's a little guy but there are no concerns at all...he's just tiny and he has small(er) parents so that is to be expected. dr S was super impressed with his speech, he's really come a long way!

now peanut had his 4month check up. peanut, peanut, peanut. *sigh* he is a different story. the kid is huge ''well fed''. he tipped the scales at 16lbs even and 25 inches in length. for weight he is in the 75th percentile and for height he comes in at the 50th. he's a big boy but technically so were bubba and pooks at his age. (actually pookie weighed 16lbs 10oz at his 4 month check up!) he's happy and healthy and looks great as well. we got the go ahead to start solids but i will be waiting until he shows more signs of being ready. we did take the first step though and order his highchair. it'll be here next week! and btw i did NOT pay that much for it because that's an insane amount to pay for a freaking highchair and i'm a cheap ass because i'm a bargain hunter--i paid $81 for the chair, taxes and shipping. holla!

okay, okay here are the dang pics. i know thats all you people want anyways ;)

peanut was a wee bit nervous when pooks came to ''play''
(aka-shake the hell out of the exersaucer)
"...just sayin'...."
okay, i guess i kinda like this thing...
alright, alright...i really like this thing!
older boys playing with play-doh
B's self portrait
pooks pretending that the play-doh can is a phone
bubba ''cuttin with me's scissows"
looking WAY too grown up!

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  1. Looks like everyone is happy and having a lot of fun. Happy Birthday Bubba!!



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