Monday, March 9, 2009

me and my gang

today was another chill day. B is using up some ''use it or lose it" leave time this week, so today he was home just hanging out. other than taking bubba up to the school for some pre-preschool evaluating, we didn't do much. we ran to target just to get out of house this evening, then B cooked dinner. very juicy bacon cheeseburgers. pooks ate all of his!

tonight all the boys were in a great mood, so i took a lot of pics of us playing around and being silly. pooks was actually letting me take his picture, so i took advantage of it!

him with his stinking binky...
just being himself
peanut doing his evil laugh; for some reason all my boys have an ornery/evil laugh at a very young age!
i just really though this expression was worth capturing
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pookie and I
bubba and i
(this pic made me actually SEE resemblence between us!)
me wearing bubba in the babyhawk
( i normally wear peanut, but he wanted a turn. all the boys are easy to carry--i SWEAR by babyhawks!)
he'll make his wife proud some day ;)

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  1. Really cute pictures! Looks like everyone was having fun.



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