Sunday, March 8, 2009

a lazy sunday morning

i thought i'd take a quick minute and share our morning. the boys slept til 9am (thanks to daylight savings that sounds later than it feels!) and it was my turn to get up with them. B and I usually alternate weekend mornings so that one of us gets to sleep in...yesterday i slept, today he does. it works most of the time.

anyways, so after peanut nursed and fell back asleep i took the big boys to go get doughnuts. normally on Sunday's i fix breakfast but i really just felt like a latte and a doughnut. its cold and yucky out and i'm allowed to be lazy sometimes. seriously i'm feeding toddlers; do you think they care if i buy doughnuts instead of making waffles and eggs? not really. so after a quick jaunt to Starbucks and the donut shop (which lucky me, they are on the same block!) we returned home to feast on all the sugary goodness.

now being a mom, i did make them get blueberry doughnuts so that's healthy right? if the blueberries cancel out the sugary glaze, then really they just ate bread and thats totally healthy. hey, its my blog--who are you to argue?

anywho, here are some pics:
bubba was pretty excited about his donut
pooks trying to look innocent...
5 seconds later.....
the ''real'' pooks

and a little video of bubba counting/talking. he can count up to 10 objects now. just reciting his numbers he can go higher, but actually counting he usually gets to 10 okay.
*oh and because the video on my digital camera sucks...let me explain that he is the dark shadow in the bottom corner and he is pointing to these cling-on's that are on our sliding glass door. so basically you're only seeing the back of his head, his hand and my rain-soaked deck* sorry the quality is so crappy!


  1. How cute!! Bubba is doing really well with his talking and counting.


  2. His couting is too cute! Love it! :)


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