Sunday, March 1, 2009

even more randomness...

here are a few more super random pics, all from this weekend. we didn't do much, just kinda hung out around the house. auntie s and baby diva came over for dinner on friday night and the kids had a blast playing together. as bubba put it "she's my fwiend"...they were dancing and being silly.
check out those d is already 11 mos old!
saturday B and I took the boys to a story time reading, then out to lunch with nanaw and papa (per bubba and pooks' request, i might add). we then took a long nap, woke up and played and ate an early supper of 'what ever you find, is what you eat'. then we did some house cleaning as a family. the boys love to vacuum and ''keen'' aka clean, so it goes surprisingly well. bubba helped vacuum, pooks helped me Windex, then both boys helped me tighten up the legs on the kitchen table and chairs. i can't imagine why they would be wobbly at ALL, can you? *insert huge eye roll here* the boys were so cute, they were pretending to be Handy Manny with their tools. it was adorable.

today B let me sleep in. woohoo! i think i finally got up around 10:30ish...hey, i'm not a total bum, he like brought peanut to me twice and i fed him before going back to sleep. lol, it was great! after naps we went to the mall; hard to believe but bubba requested that. he wanted some cars shirts. he totally gets the concept of buying things now. well, he gets that you have to buy them then take them home, obviously he doesn't get the concept/value of money! well much to his sadness we didn't find a cars shirt at the mall. he was bought over with a soft pretzal though. is he my kid or what?

tonight i was on my own with dinner/bath/bed...i was a nice wifey and let B go to an early game of poker. we had a healthy nutritious dinner of chicken nuggets and fries, followed by vanilla ice cream. (don't you wish i was your mom!) then we played on the floor with peanut, watched backyardigan's, the older boys watched me give peanut a bath, and peanut went to bed about 30 seconds later. apparently he was exhausted. bubba and pooks splashed around in the bubble bath for awhile, i read them 3 books tonight and then they went straight into sandland. i haven't heard a peep from either one.

b came home to a clean house, 3 clean sleeping kiddos, and a wife who was still in a good mood despite doing everything herself. i'm a bit bitter because i was all ready to settle down and watch desperate housewives and it isn't on tonight. bastards! i hate it when they do that. grey's anatomy and private practice were re-runs this week, psych and monk weren't on, and now DH isn't either. those are all the shows i watch! the only non-kid show i watched this week was House(and if you want to get technical, it was an episode about a kid!).

okay, now that i'm down rambling, here are the pics from this evening. enjoy!

don't mess with Mr. Serious
(who is sitting up so well in his bumbo now!)
i think this picture perfectly captures all of the boys' personalities:
pooks is an attention hog, who has to be front and center
bubba is quietly cheesing it up in the background, and content to do so
peanut is a little dazed and confused, not sure what the hell is going on pookie and i
my littlest chubb-of-love, in the tub
it was the first time i had ever bathed him in the kitchen and the boys thought it was hilarious!

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