Sunday, March 15, 2009

dear allergies

i hate you. you make me miserable. i cannot breathe, i went through an ENTIRE box of kleenex yesterday and i still feel like crap today. i took TWO benadryl at 10pm because i knew it would make me sleepy, and make it possible for me to breathe through my nose again. and possibly go oh....i don't know a whopping 3 minutes without sneezing.

do we see the problem?

HELLO! it is now 12:24 pm and i am still awake because I CAN'T BREATHE! it's been 2 hours and i am wide awake and still stuffy. i do feel loopy as heck, but i'm not tired. which sucks because one time i accidentally took 2 benadryl before a home party {not a house party, like a partylite party or something} and i feel asleep in the middle of this ladies show! i mean i could not keep my damn eyeballs open long enough to even look at candles...but when i actually want to sleep, nada.

i hate you benadryl.

and those of you that think ''oh just take something different. try {insert awesome medicine here}, it works great"--thank you but i can't because i'm breastfeeding peanut. who by the way, i need to think of a new name for.

bubba is a perfect nickname for bubba--its what i call him in real life 1/2 the time. pooks is fitting for pooks, granted alot of times i call him pookie but eh, alas it fits. but peanut, well it was fitting while he was in utero. but now....i don't know if you've noticed, but he's not really a peanut. i rarely call him peanut in real life so it doesn't come naturally to type. i usually call him chubbs, or my chub of love, or butterball. today i called him butterball a lot and he laughed so that might work. but if he by some chance ever isn't a butterball, then i'll be back to square one.


i hate you benadryl. i can't breathe, i can't sleep and now i'm rambling. which i can do because its *MY* blog, but still. i hate you benadryl.

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  1. Oh, I totally feel your pain. Damn allergies!


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