Monday, March 16, 2009

check out these rolls

cinnamon rolls that is!

this morning i decided that i would [finally] try to make cinnamon rolls from scratch. now if you know my mom, then you know i have a LOT to live up too! my mom's rolls are delicious. everything is made from scratch, frosting included so when i asked her for the recipe and said i was thinking about making them, i was up to the challenge. just to give you an idea about how nervous i was, i got the recipe last tuesday (i think) and i just made them today. the thought of using yeast and letting dough rise, scares the bejeezus out of me! but the boys and i gave it a whirl this morning and the outcome was AWESOME!! and because i knew i'd be blogging about their deliciousness, i made sure to take pics along the way.

the dough after being mixed and kneaded
(bubba was telling me that they didn't look like nanaws cinnamon rolls...he ate her finished product last week)
one hour later, the dough has risen!
now we're ready to roll, helpers are ready and waiting

my helpers, helped by playing in flour and attempting to eat dough sprinkling brown sugar and then cutting the dough using a string
all cinnamon-y now, going into the oven
while those were baking, we got to makin' the frosting (again from scratch!)
now before you scroll down, you must ask yourself: are you ready?

i mean really ready?

it would be really embarrassing for you to lick your computer screen, so take a minute to prepare yourself before scrolling down...
in the words of rachel ray: YUMM-O
and you will be happy to know that my trusty helpers. agreed! here is the proof of that:

bubba even sang the ''so yummy, so yummy" song from Yo Gabba Gabba before asking for MORE! so he ended up eating an entire roll all by himself, then he TOLD ME that he wanted to go night night. lol, nothing like a little carb overload to get ya ready for nap time ;)

since butterball didn't get to help, and he didn't get to eat the rolls, i told him that in about a year he'd get to eat cinnamon rolls too. this was his reaction:

in all seriousness though, they are pretty damn tasty!


  1. So, when can I have the recipe? Seriously, those look BEYOND delicious!

  2. Looks mighty yummy!


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