Monday, March 2, 2009

can you guess who, do you have a clue??

kinda an easy one (to me at least!) but thought it was about time for another 'name that kid' game. it is neat to see the similarities though!


  1. HI Shannon! I wanna play =)
    My guess is...
    then Bubba
    =) Talk to you later
    Courtney and Sophia

  2. I never saw the older two as infants but I'd have to guess (in order from first/top to last/bottom), Peanut, Pooks, Bubba? Am I rigtht?

  3. I am going to guess that the first pic, we have Peanut, then Pooks (I can tell because of the hair), and then Bubba. Peanut and Bubba sure look alike in these pictures if I am right.



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