Sunday, March 22, 2009

bubba's birthday party

today was bubba's birthday party (his 3rd bday is next saturday) and it was a lot of fun! i have to say that having his party at pizza hut was like the best thing ever. first off, very kid friendly food/atmosphere. who the heck doesn't like pizza? secondly, I DIDN'T HAVE TO CLEAN! lol. usually i am like a chicken with my head cut off worrying about cleaning my house before (and then after) a party and i can't relax and enjoy it because i am too busy playing Suzy Hostess. well having it at pizza hut cut down on that feeling tremendously. my kiddos were well behaved and content, everyone seemed to like it, i didn't spend a fortune decorating (can we say 2 tablecloths and 4 balloons!) and i got a kick ass deal on the pizza. seriously. and we didn't skimp out on toppings either. woohoo!

anyways, the theme was "Cars" (betcha couldn't have guessed that *eyeroll*) and bubba was in heaven. he got the "combine toy" that he's been going on and on about for weeks, lightning mcqueen shirts, a lightning rug, coloring book and markers--if it had lightning mcqueen on it, i can almost guarantee that he got it. he was so happy about everyone being there, the pizza, the cake...just everything. he didn't even notice that his mean ol' mom didn't get ice cream for his party ;)

anywho, here are the pics in absolutely no order whatsoever:
the cake...he loved it!
me with the little dudes
pooks being silly
peanut with papa bob, watching bubba open presents
bubba with nanaw
showing off his cars cake
eating pizza
excited about a race track
reading a card with papa
loving his shirts from nanaw phew phew
reading a card with aunt rachel
a new 5 generation pic
(trust me, this was the best one!)
blowing out the candle
peanut was quite snuggly!
the rug that he absolutely loved from nanaw and papa


  1. How fun! Who made the cake? It's super cute! btw...that rug looks HUGE!! Looks like eveyone had a great day! Happy Birthday early Bubba!! :)

  2. How fun! That first pic of you two is precious!

  3. Oooh, Charlie would be so jealous. He is obsessed with Cars too! Looks like everyone had a great time. Cute cake too!

  4. 3 Already! Seems unbelievable. They grow up so fast. Love all the pictures and mostly the one with you and Bubba.



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