Monday, March 23, 2009

a breakfast date!

this morning the boys were up before 8am, which normally i dread. i was tired but i decided to make the most of it. we're suppose to get some crazy weather today: thunderstorms, hail, high winds, and possibly tornadoes! yikes. so needless to say we won't be going out in any of that! being boys, they get stir crazy easily if we're in the house all day.

since we were all awake and in good moods, i made the executive decision to go out for breakfast, which in our house is a rare treat. i love this local family owned breakfast/lunch restaurant and it's about 3 minutes from our house so it's ideal. however 3 kiddos under 3, early in the morning, in public, usually doesn't make for a stress-free start to the day. and despite the fact that nanaw couldn't go with us and i would have all 3 by myself at a sit down place (another rare occurrence) we went and it was fun. i mean that, it was really enjoyable. the boys behaved themselves, peanut slept in his car seat the entire time, i ate my food while it was still hot and the restaurant now carries the bottled starbucks drinks. a hot meal...with a doubleshot ...with my 3 favorite boys....what could be better? besides having B, nanaw or papa joining 'bout two crapstastic cell phone pics commemorating the event?

pooks even sat in a booster seat (first time ever) and behaved
(the boys had a multi-grain waffle covered in fruit and topped with whipped cream)
bubba, perturbed about a fly that was on the back of his seat
*sigh* i have no clue why my phone puts those weird dots/squares on the pics

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  1. Yummy...Early Edition sounds really good right about now! ;)


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