Friday, March 13, 2009

birthday boy

this was a conversation i had with bubba at lunch today:

me: hey bubba, did you know your birthday party is next weekend?
bubba: nanaw make a me a cars cake.
me: i know that nanaw is making your cars cake. do you know how old you will be turning on your birthday?
bubba: um....i dunno know. me big boy.
me: you're going to be three. this is three [showing him on my fingers]
bubba: oh, i'm gonna be free....dis many? [holds up 4 fingers]
me: [pushes one finger down] that is three.
bubba: oh
me: bubba, how old is mommy?
bubba: mommy is TWO!
me: really? i'm 2 and you're 3? how does that work?
bubba: i don't know.
me: do you think that maybe mommy is bigger than you? maybe i'm 24?
bubba: {said in total disbelief} noooo mommy! me big boy, you mommy. you 2. me 3...and bra-bra is a baby, and baby peanut is a baby and me is a big boy.
me: are you sure?
bubba: yes mommy.

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