Thursday, February 12, 2009

"you could DIE....and that would be bad"

that is what nanaw told bubba tonight. she actually said those words to my not-even-three-year-old son...and it scared the bejeezus out of him! i can't even convey via blogging how hysterical this entire incident was.

bubba and pooks each had a sucker after dinner and they were playing in the living room. bubba started chasing pooks and i told him that he needed to stop running with a sucker in his mouth that he could get hurt. if he wanted to run, then he could give me the sucker. well he looks at me and then continues chasing pooks.typical. so nanaw stops him and says:

"bubba, you can't run with a sucker in your mouth. you could choke. the sucker would go down your throat (at this point she is on his level, pointing to her throat) and get stuck. you would choke on the sucker and you could DIE {pause} and that would be bad. don't run okay?"

(by this point nanaw realizes what she said was a bit extreme and we are all mocking her for it)

bubba gives her a blank stare, then gives her his sucker with the saddest look on his face.

at this point i am both laughing hysterically and shocked that she just told a 2 year old he could die. not just die, but DIE. she emphasized the DIE part. and then rounded it off with a ''and that would be bad." umm...i think it would be a lot worse than that nanaw!

then she had to explain to him that he could keep his sucker and not get hurt, (or die) as long as he didn't run. after he ''gets it'' and resumes playing she turns to me and said "well, he got it. he's a smart kid. you get so mad when people talk down to him, so i was honest; he could choke and die." yeah...i get that. but it was the way that she emphasized the seriousness of the matter with the word DIE and then followed it with something as nonchalant as ''and that would be bad''.

i know this doesn't read nearly as funny as the situation was in real life. nanaw, B, myself and papa were all laughing. its totally a ''had to be there'' incident but i swore to her that i was going to come home and blog about it, so i did :)


  1. I was laughing so hard that I was crying.But it was totally funny and he is a smart kid that got it. I noticed that you said nothing about how he told you about the cheesecake when you tried being sneaky and saying "you know what" and he said cheesecake mama.
    Guess you had to be here,but it was hysterical.


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