Tuesday, February 24, 2009

too good to be true!

i should have known that 12 hours in one night was too much. i was too greedy and then got way too excited about it.

last night B and I went to bed around midnight. at 1:30 i woke up because bubba woke up and was crying; he could hear "boom booms". [we live not too far away from a military base and hearing their firings all the time. i'm pretty much immune to them and rarely even notice. but they scare the kids....think thunderstorm noises.] well he wasn't just awake, he was really scared. i tried laying with him in his bed and he wanted "mommys bed, peez....mommy i want big bed wit you" so he snuggled down between us. just as we all get settled, pooks wakes up so B goes to calm him down. pooks calmed down pretty quickly, i think he was trying to figure out where bubba had gone. so we all get resettled again when the baby wakes up...its like 2:30 which is strange because peanut usually sleeps til around 4ish. i nurse him and he goes back to sleep, i move him back to his crib and he does fine...doesn't even stir.

i kid you not as soon as i fall back asleep he's fussing. so i tried to comfort him by rubbing his back but he's drawing his little legs up and crying. so i take him out and try to get him to burp. no luck. so i hold him in my arms (tummy to tummy) and he calms down and sleeps for about 20 minutes. i lay him back down and he stays asleep. its now almost 3:30am.

at 4:50am i wake up to peanut again. he's still fussy and acting like he wants to nurse. well he eats, then fusses, then he's just getting louder and louder pulling up his legs again. so i bring him downstairs and give him some gripe water. that helped calm him down, yet he's still wide awake. i put him in his swing, buckle him in there, start the rocking and the music and he's content. so i curl up on the couch and fall right to sleep. yeah that lasted about 1/2 an hour. we ended up sleeping/laying on the couch til 7:15 when B woke up. i had JUST gotten peanut to sleep and didn't want to chance laying him down upstairs again so B took over. he called his boss and let her know that he was going to be a little late, he wanted me to get some real sleep before having all 3 kids all day. he took peanut and settled in on the couch and i crawled back into bed and snuggled with bubba.

i woke up at 8:30 with no bubba in sight and came downstairs to see bubba and pooks eating breakfast and peanut napping in his swing and B overseeing all of them. i was so thankful for that solid hour of sleep...thank you B. i know thats not exactly what your sick time/leave is meant for but i appreciate it.

now the boys are happy and fed. bubba and pooks are coloring in their coloring books and peanut is snoozing in his swing.

its amazing how the night before i had 12 and last night i had maybe 3 hours of actual sleep.

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when you start to feel exhausted and out of control- you realize hubby already has it all under control? Many times when my girls were little Vin took over for me when he realized I needed it most. Love him for that.


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