Wednesday, February 18, 2009

talk about a comparison!

check this out...
great grandma with 1 week old peanut

great grandma with an 8 week old peanut

great grandma with a 12 week old peanut, today!
can you even believe how big he is getting? he is starting to look like such a little person...not just a baby. if you know what i mean! i know i just posted about this last night (how old peanut is getting) but seeing him today at the nanaws only confirmed it! seeing great grandma trying to comfortably hold him is getting to be a funny sight. she won't admit that he's too big for her to hold...i guess where there is a will, there is a way!
flirting with his nanaw's
looking cute in his first pair of jeans!


  1. Very cute pictures! He is getting so big. How does he compare to the other two when they were that age?


  2. Man, he is getting SO big! My Little A turned 6 months old yesterday. Seriously?!? Time goes way too fast!

  3. Love his little jeans and his cute chubby baby belly! :)


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