Tuesday, February 17, 2009

show and tell

i wanted to share two super duper cute pics i took of peanut today. can you even believe that he is almost 3 months old!? yep, on thursday he will officially no longer be a newborn :( that is always a hard fact for me, i don't know why. today i cleaned out his dresser of everything that was newborn or 0-3 months...they don't fit! he is so long that any outfit with built in 'feet' won't allow him to straighten his legs and that can lead to a fussy baby! so over the weekend we journeyed out to kohl's and purchased him about 5 new sleepers/outfits in the 6 month size. now we have to roll the sleeves but they hit right at his ankles.
they grow up so fast!
oh and special thanks to grandma #2 for the new blanket...we love it!!

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  1. Cute pics as always! I think Peanut looks like Bubba in the first pic and Pooks in the second! Can't believe he's almost 3 months already! It really does just fly by!



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