Friday, February 6, 2009

one year sure makes a difference!

every year i take the kids pictures on valentine's day. while i may not get professional pics for christmas or their birthdays, i always do for valentine's day. (well not professional, but i do my best to make them LOOK professional) i am well aware that i chose the most random holiday but it works. their outfits aren't overly holidayish, the time of year is good because its between christmas and their birthdays, and people really appreciate getting valentines! what better to find inside than pics of my kiddos?! *wink, wink*

anywho, i am not going to share all the pics i took just yet, but i did want to share a few for the sake of comparison:

WARNING TO NANAW: THESE PICS MAY MAKE YOU EMOTIONAL AND CRY! Proceed at your own risk without bitching at me tomorrow about making 'sad' posts. Thank you!

here is our lil bubba LAST year...
and here is toddler bubba this year!

look at lil ol pooks last year, just 9 months old
look at our big boy now...holy sh*t!
if you are tearing up, just know that you aren't alone. i cannot belive my kids are so old. i can't believe that i have an almost 3 year old! seriously i was just literally crying looking at these pics!


  1. Ahhhhh! They are growing up too fast! I can't believe the difference.

    Take care!

  2. they are so stinkin' cute and how old they look now... I can't figure out who peanuts looks like yet though...

    Tell B hi for me! I miss all of you!

    Big D


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