Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a normal day

i just wanted to share a few pics from this morning. it was just a typical lazy morning but i have come to realize that was is ''normal'' to me, isn't usually that normal to other people. i sometimes forget that most people don't spend their entire day with children under the age of 3.

bubba and pooks woke up around 7:30ish. we did the potty thing (which is going great, I might add!) and then the diaper changing thing, then came downstairs for a little breakfast. today was a mini cinnamon raisin bagel, strawberry yogurt, 1/2 a banana and chocolate soy milk (aka "pablo milk" in our house) for each kiddo. yogurt is always a gamble in our house because it is so messy! yesterday pooks got down from the table while i was busy cleaning up the kitchen and 'painted' my sliding glass door with yogurt. that was a mess! today though, we got lucky and no major messes accidental or intentional.

peanut woke up right as they were finishing breakfast, so i placed him in his swing downstairs to wake up while i got bubba and pooks dressed. the older boys watched backyardigans while i fed peanut. bubba got put in timeout twice during this for hitting pooks. this is a somewhat regular occurance--he thinks because i am feeding the baby that i won't notice him wailing on his brother. he is sadly mistaken--but normally it doesn't happen multiple times in the same 20 minute time span. he also thinks that timeout is optional.

apparently he thinks that he can hit/slap/pull pooks hair and as long as he immediatly says sorry and gives pooks a hug, he is off the hook. wrong again. he has to sit on the time out step (second from the bottom, against the wall) for 3 minutes. (one minute for each year of age).
after 3 minutes i remind why he was in timeout: ''do you like it when brother hits you?"...he usually rolls his eyes and replies "no"...then i come back with the usual ''its not nice to hit. you don't like when brother hits you because it hurts and it makes you sad. thats how brother feels when you hit him too. can you apologize?" which is when i usually get another look and he goes and hugs pookie and mumbles ''sorry bra-bra''.

{the sorry hug...hence bubba's expression, he was in the middle of saying ''sorry"}
i bet i put him in timeout at least 5 times before 11am today. finally i made him go sit in his room until he could come downstairs and play nicely with his brother. he was in his room for about 10 minutes before he came downstairs, told pooks sorry again, and played nicely. of course by then it was time for lunch, so that might have stopped the madness as well :)

between timeouts and before lunch, i placed peanut on his activity mat for some playtime. today i apparently had 3 babies and not just the one because all 3 kiddos played with the mat for about 30 minutes. granted the older boys looked ridiculous but they were sharing and getting along so i let it slide.
peanut may never have an alone moment in his life!
he did have fun though!
nah, i take it back. he doesn't look ridiculous at all!
lunchtime (surprisingly) went down without a hitch, peanut fed again and now all three are sleeping like little angels. when they wake up we'll run our errands. today we need to go to the library, the dollar store (need tissue paper for diaper cakes), target (gotta get peanut a bathtub--he's too big for the sink now) and we'll probably drive thru sonic and get a happy hour drink.

in the meantime i'm gonna do the dishes from lunch, pick up the toys, run the vacuum, then try to get in a little yoga on our new Wii fit before the kiddos wake up. wish me luck!


  1. So, how do you like the Wii fit?

  2. Shannon, it's Mandy from the mom's group in Wichita... I wanted to try and follow your blog but couldn't find a space to. The boys are getting so big. I started a blog this week it's bubbyandboo.blogspot.com Good seeing you! I love being able to keep up with you somehow! Take care.


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