Friday, February 27, 2009

long over due...

...for some pictures. i finally sat down and resized a bunch, so here they are. i know its been literally over a week since i shared pics and i don't want you to forget what my kiddos look like ;)

this pic is the reason why pooks got his very own timeout:
in timeout (they sit on the steps just like Olivia does in the book Olivia)
all the boys playing with peanuts' new floor gym
(we had to get a new gym because they ripped the other)
we finally found a binky that peanut will take, and KEEP in his mouth. thanks to Gerber!
peanut working on his push-ups
here is a pic of bubba that pooks took with my help
bubba wanted a pic of his cars hat and his nose
so lightning mcqueen
(he thought this was so freaking cool!)
a bit of brotherly love, they were ''talking'' to each other like this!


  1. They still are so darn cute! You need to put bricks on all their heads so they don't grow so fast.


  2. I love that Pooks looks like he's still playing while he's in time out. That's a true Pooks move right there.


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