Tuesday, February 17, 2009

like i'm not busy enough!

i know its been days since i updated, but i've been swamped!

first off i have 3 kids, lol. as if you didn't know it but they keep me pretty busy. it seems like things that used to take 15minutes now take 45. there are no longer ''quick" trips to the store; there is no such thing as "just running in." it's impossible.

then besides everything with the kids, i have the diaper cakes. i've had 2 orders placed last week (due this week) so that keeps my evenings busy. i'm not complaining at all, i love it! but it does cut down on my blogging time.

on top of the kids, the house, and the diaper cakes i also decided to organize a mom's group/play group for the kids and i. i've lived here my whole life and i often find myself thinking that there isn't a lot to do. well, there is...it's just more fun to do things with other moms/kids. so after years of bitching, i decided to take action. i'm pretty excited because i first announced our group on meetup.com and within 36 hours we had 15 members! apparently other moms were waiting for a group too. so my afternoon nap has been replaced with organizing and trying to fill a calendar with activities for our playgroup. we meet up for the first time on friday---wish me luck that it goes well!

then of course this weekend was Valentine's day and if you know me, you know that i'm a holiday junkie. i love holiday's and Valentine's is no exception. i'm not one of these cynical bitter people that go on and on about how it's just a ''hallmark" holiday. i take it for what its worth: a great opportunity to tell the people you love, just how special they are. Valentine's day is special to B and I because we had our first real date 6 years ago on V-day. who would have thought on that night of bowling, that just 6 years later we would not only still be together but we'd have 3 kids! nuts huh?

anyways, we got our little heartbreakers a few little valentines day treats. a box of chocolates, some candy hearts, a few diecast Cars, they each got a book and a coloring book. (sounds like a lot but most of it was from the $1 bins at Target) then for peanut we got him a Eric Carle {the author who writes/illustrates books like "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "The Hungry Caterpillar"} baby toy that squeaks and crinkles, etc. he seems to like it, but its sometimes hard to read him ;)

pooks eyeing his chocolates
bubba excited about red ramone
my gift to B was pretty simple, a trip to the casinos using a lil bit of $ from our savings. well it was a little more complex because i had to convince nanaw and papa that they wanted to watch all 3 boys on an upcoming saturday, but they agreed! i just came up with a little coupon in photoshop and put that in his card to let him know. he seemed excited!

from B and the boys, i was spoiled rotten! not only did i get a card and flowers (tulips!), i also got my leather bag from the Sak that i've been eyeing at dillards! woohoo! i love it. it's gorgeous and classic and smells fantastic! i don't think i've ever had a real leather bag before but i must say it seems pretty wonderful! AND, nope i'm not done, we also got a wii Fit as a gift to the whole family. and let me tell you, that this is kicking my ass. it seems kinda like a fun sham workout but it works.you.out! let me tell you, i've been sore. i try to get in 30-45mins in the evenings.

my tulips...i can't wait to plant them outside!

so i think i might be pretty busy. from the kiddos, taking care of the house, making diaper cakes, organizing a meet-up group and then fun little things like valentines day--my days are pretty packed! add in bubba's speech appointments, regular dr appts, working out, and necessities like eating and showering and i don't have a lot of free time.

i know it sounds nuts, but i love it. i don't how i would do it if we didn't keep busy. now this summer, when i'm going back to school part-time {sidenote but i'm hoping to get a slot in a dental hygiene program that is starting in Jan 10 but i have 3 science classes to take before then} we'll see how well i really handle it!


  1. Good luck with the meetup, Shannon! Sounds like a great idea!

  2. I think the moms group sounds awesome! Way to take an iniative. It sounds like you all are doing well and it seems really odd that I haven't seen you all for awhile.

    I know you have three kids to wrangle, but if you get a hankering for barbeque you should come over to Lawrence sometime!

    If not, hopefully I will see you sometime over spring break


  3. Seriously, where's the picture of the new purse?! You can't get my hopes up like that and then let me down. I'm waiting......

  4. Because I'm your mama and I love you , I vow that I will take naps when I can and sleep in as late as possible in your honor. Just hearing all of it makes me sleepy.


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