Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's shaping up to be...

one of those days. i'll preface this post by mentioning that B has drill this weekend so i'm on full-time kid duty.

all 3 boys woke up at 7:45am which isn't horrible. i mean i'd prefer about 10:30am but i'd also like to win the lottery so i may have unrealistic expectations. {shrug}

anyways, back to the point. so we all wake up, i take bubba into the bathroom to go potty. he does his thing and we head downstairs. just as my foot hits the first step i hear the toliet flush. panic flows through my body because bubba is in front of me, peanut is in my arms... it's pooks. (it's always pooks). i run into the bathroom just as he slams the lid. i say "no, no, no,no, no" as i open the lid in time to see a plastic bath fish swirling round and round. luckily the water was clean, i reached in and (no pun intended) fished it out.


hopefully that is the only thing that he tossed in there. 2 days ago he attempted to flush a water bottle. i try my hardest to keep the bathroom door shut but when you have one toddler that just learned how to go potty by himself and then another who has a habit of flushing--its a no win situation.

so after some furious handwashing we finally make it downstairs. i feed peanut while bubba and pooks play. then bubba starts telling me he wants to eat cereal. personally i prefer to wake up a little but to each their own. so i open the cabinet and ask him if he wants Trix or mommys organic Granola. i bet you're smirking reading that, but he picked the granola! and he wanted a "well-wow nana on top." just goes to show you that if you always have the junky stuff available, it loses its appeal and your kiddo will choose the healthier option well over 1/2 the time. i'm not kidding, try it sometime. my mom raised us that way and my brother and i both turned out okay. (we prefer wheat over white bread and can't stand whole milk--much to our mom's disgust)

but i'm digressing again. back to the kiddos:

so after eating not just one bowl of cereal but TWO, we return to the living room. i'm changing peanuts super gross diaper when i hear a door close. what the hell? who is closing a door? well apparently pooks! he was suppose to go in the kitchen to get his sippy cup off of the counter but decided to open the garage door instead. i go in the garage and find him trying to carry his radio flyer ride on bicycle thing into the house. um, i think not. so i bring him back in, lock the door to the garage and return to the living room.

i finsh getting peanut dressed, take the diaper out to the trash and sit down at the computer while the boys watch "mickey mouse clubhouse". except when i sit down on the couch my ass is suddenly wet. i stand up to find a sippy cup leaking all over the cushion. peachy. i love trying to clean apple juice out of a giant sponge, which is essentially what our craptastic sofa is. want to guess whose sippy cup it was? yep, pookie again. somehow, the valve dislodged and was floating in the cup so his spill proof cup was no longer spill proof.

this kid may be the death of me. we've been up for 2 hours. two hours. who knows what the day has in store for us!


  1. Hang in there Shannon! Order pizza for dinner, or better yet, go out for ice cream.

  2. Will Pooks be going to early, early preschool?


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