Sunday, February 1, 2009


so, whadda think? *insert "oohing" and "awwing" here*

i decided that my blog was way over do for an update. first off, i was sick of having to redesign the background for every holiday and secondly: peanut is almost 10 weeks old and his name wasn't even in the title! after much deliberation and back and forth on my part, i decided on [loveable chaos]. that pretty much sums up my whole life in 2 words and i feel like its a perfect fit. (oh and don't worry, the web address stayed the same!)

so it's been a few days since i last posted but really not too much has changed. life has been busy and i just haven't had as much computer time lately! the boys are all doing well.

on friday a local infant-toddler service came out and evaluated bubba and pooks to check/assess their developmental and communication skills. the evaluators are a speech pathologist and another lady who i think is an early childhood education teacher. anyways, its a free service provided by the county (regardless of income/nationality/etc) to make sure that infants and toddlers are on the right track. how could i pass up this opportunity? if they are on track, no big deal. if they have delays, they will come to the house and work with myself and the boys on correcting those areas.

bubba: his fine motor skills are great, no worries or delays. his gross motor skills are also right on track, although he is borderline in the ''self help" area. technically by their grading system he should be able to do more things for himself, ie take his shirt off, wipe his own nose, etc. she said that alot of kids his age can't/won't do those so there is no cause for concern.

communication wise he has a (fairly obvious) problem enunciating. the kid has started talking so much but because he doesn't articulate different sounds, you can't understand a lot of it. she said that his delay is great enough to qualify him for speech services...YAY! well, not 'yay' that he has a delay but 'yay' for services. also because he is almost 3, he will be referred to the school district for speech classes. once assessed by them, he will either attend a speech class twice a week at the headstart building or if they decide that his delay is more than just enunciating, he could get a slot in early preschool! how fun and helpful would that be!? i know he would love it and i would love to be able to understand him without the frustration that both of us sometimes have!

pooks: is basically the same as bubba. his fine & gross motor skills are on track, his self help skills are behind slightly (apparently he should be able to undress more of himself on his own) and his communication is borderline. she said that to see him, she would guess that communication isn't a problem but since off the top of my head i could think of only 17 words that he says, that puts him in the ''borderline" category on paper. now that i've had time to make a list, he says more than 17 and each day he picks up new words. but, he qualifies for services at home. (which is a lifesaver for me because I don't have to haul 3 kiddos anywhere) they will come out to the house and teach us activities and games that we can do together, to help him learn and develop.

it might not seem like much, but i'm excited! i was going to school for early childhood education so its fun and exciting for me to learn so much about their developments. and i love the idea of learning new games and activities to help keep things interesting around here!

anywho, that's really all that is going on. B is out of state on business right now, so i'm flying solo all week. i'm not really worried about it, i think we'll do fine but i know that bedtime/bath time will be a challenge as will finding the time to keep up on the housework. B usually does all the laundry (i know, i'm lucky!) and the older boys bedtime routines. i'm outnumbered but i think i can handle it!

oh and i'll add new pics later, blogger is having issues adding images right now ;)


  1. I love the pics of the boys. They are so cute!!!! I am glad everyone is doing fine.


  2. I like the new look. It's great that those services will be available to you guys!


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