Wednesday, February 4, 2009

bodily fluids


it's been one heck of a day and all i can say is that i am SO glad that it is finally over.

i think i mentioned that B is out of town this week, he left on sunday and will be back very late friday night/early sat morning. obviously i stay at home with the kiddos anyways but let me tell you, 24/7 without a break is tiring! now i need to clarify that nanaw (and papa) have been a huge help, but i mean literally being with your kids 24/7 without a break. i mean seriously without a break. i rarely even get to pee without another person in the bathroom with me!

its 11:30pm and this is the first time i've sat by myself, all day. all 3 little heathens are finally asleep and i'm on my way there but i had to blog this out of my system.

i knew what i was signing up for by being a mom. i know you get the good with the bad and i {thought} that i was completely prepared. a little pee on the carpet (around 10am this morning) no big deal, clean that right up. poopy pants from a potty accident(around 1pm)? bring it on.

but i was wrong. there is one subject that i fail in as a mom: vomit. and not just vomit but peanut butter and jelly vomit. that is that straw that broke the camels back.

nothing prepares you for the night i had.

here is the condensed version: at 6pm we returned from the mall and nanaw went home. peanut is screaming and i was cleaning up baby poop off of a sleeper (thus why he was screaming), then I washed my hands, fed the baby, then made the toddlers dinner, then feed the baby (again!), and then started the boys bath water. at 7pm i stripped them down, let them run around buck naked for a bit while i got out their pjs and stuff. then i dropped their lil bums in the tub. one minute i'm telling them to sit down and stop splashing and the next i am suddenly yanking toddlers out of the tub because bubba vomited in the freaking BATHTUB while they were playing. so they run around naked (again) because i had to deal with the vomit right then or i know it would only get worse. i hate hate hate vomit. i have a pretty strong stomach with any other bodily fluid but vomit--uh uh, that does it.

so as i'm in the middle of attempting to clean that up, peanut picks that second to wake up screaming so i lay him down in the crib long enough to get the older boys dressed. this was at 7:30pm. i get them settled, breathing treatment started and finished, 2 books read and good night kisses given to all. i turn around and go into the babies room to yet another poopy diaper. get him changed and he wants to eat(again). after eating he needed changed (again). as i'm taking the dirty diaper off and slipping the clean one on, he pees. well the clean diaper acts as a deflector and pee goes all over peanuts tummy and my bed! so blot him dry for the time being, i strip off my bed linens, put clean sheets back on, and start the water to give peanut a bath. as the water is running i'm holding him and he proceeds to spit up on me.


so i peel off my shirt, peel off his diaper and get him cleaned up. return to our room to get him dressed. dressing takes longer than usual because the first sleeper no longer fits him (too short) and the second one fits in length but his neck is so chubby i can't button the top bottom. oh well, he's sleeping in it. so i feed him (again) and he finally falls asleep. i go to lay him down in his crib and he spits up YET AGAIN but on his bed.

well by this time, i'm over it. i am not removing the crib bumpers so that i can pull out the mattress to change the sheets. only to then re-tie all 30 million ties on the bumpers. not happening, not today. so i clean it up best i can with a damp towel and moved him to the other end of the crib.

by the time this is all done, its 10pm and after cleaning everyone and every thing else up, i finally get to eat dinner. i did get to enjoy it in absolute silence while mindlessly surfing the web. that's a plus. of course then i still had to clean the kitchen up from dinner, let the dog out and start a load of pee-soaked laundry.

now i'm going to bed. its late, i'm tired and i feel like i could sleep til next tuesday! but i'll be lucky if i get to sleep til 1am before peanut wants to eat. again.

i miss b. tonight was way too much for one person.


  1. Oh poor Shannon. I was laughing and then I was crying. You tell such a vivid story. Glad B will be home soon....I couldn't imagine with 3 kids...I have trouble juggling one.


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