Saturday, February 28, 2009

holy cow!

i can't even believe feels like just yesterday i was on bedrest, completely miserable and hoping i would make it to 36 weeks and have a healthy baby. now my healthy little baby is turning 3! bubba is officially getting old. just kidding, but his birthday is in 28 days and in honor of that: the new background. if it doesn't make you hungry for a cupcake, you're not human.

Friday, February 27, 2009

long over due...

...for some pictures. i finally sat down and resized a bunch, so here they are. i know its been literally over a week since i shared pics and i don't want you to forget what my kiddos look like ;)

this pic is the reason why pooks got his very own timeout:
in timeout (they sit on the steps just like Olivia does in the book Olivia)
all the boys playing with peanuts' new floor gym
(we had to get a new gym because they ripped the other)
we finally found a binky that peanut will take, and KEEP in his mouth. thanks to Gerber!
peanut working on his push-ups
here is a pic of bubba that pooks took with my help
bubba wanted a pic of his cars hat and his nose
so lightning mcqueen
(he thought this was so freaking cool!)
a bit of brotherly love, they were ''talking'' to each other like this!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

too good to be true!

i should have known that 12 hours in one night was too much. i was too greedy and then got way too excited about it.

last night B and I went to bed around midnight. at 1:30 i woke up because bubba woke up and was crying; he could hear "boom booms". [we live not too far away from a military base and hearing their firings all the time. i'm pretty much immune to them and rarely even notice. but they scare the kids....think thunderstorm noises.] well he wasn't just awake, he was really scared. i tried laying with him in his bed and he wanted "mommys bed, peez....mommy i want big bed wit you" so he snuggled down between us. just as we all get settled, pooks wakes up so B goes to calm him down. pooks calmed down pretty quickly, i think he was trying to figure out where bubba had gone. so we all get resettled again when the baby wakes up...its like 2:30 which is strange because peanut usually sleeps til around 4ish. i nurse him and he goes back to sleep, i move him back to his crib and he does fine...doesn't even stir.

i kid you not as soon as i fall back asleep he's fussing. so i tried to comfort him by rubbing his back but he's drawing his little legs up and crying. so i take him out and try to get him to burp. no luck. so i hold him in my arms (tummy to tummy) and he calms down and sleeps for about 20 minutes. i lay him back down and he stays asleep. its now almost 3:30am.

at 4:50am i wake up to peanut again. he's still fussy and acting like he wants to nurse. well he eats, then fusses, then he's just getting louder and louder pulling up his legs again. so i bring him downstairs and give him some gripe water. that helped calm him down, yet he's still wide awake. i put him in his swing, buckle him in there, start the rocking and the music and he's content. so i curl up on the couch and fall right to sleep. yeah that lasted about 1/2 an hour. we ended up sleeping/laying on the couch til 7:15 when B woke up. i had JUST gotten peanut to sleep and didn't want to chance laying him down upstairs again so B took over. he called his boss and let her know that he was going to be a little late, he wanted me to get some real sleep before having all 3 kids all day. he took peanut and settled in on the couch and i crawled back into bed and snuggled with bubba.

i woke up at 8:30 with no bubba in sight and came downstairs to see bubba and pooks eating breakfast and peanut napping in his swing and B overseeing all of them. i was so thankful for that solid hour of sleep...thank you B. i know thats not exactly what your sick time/leave is meant for but i appreciate it.

now the boys are happy and fed. bubba and pooks are coloring in their coloring books and peanut is snoozing in his swing.

its amazing how the night before i had 12 and last night i had maybe 3 hours of actual sleep.

Monday, February 23, 2009

12 hours of sleep!

yep, you read that right. i got 12 hours of sleep last night and i must say, it feels WONDERFUL!

now...i did go to bed at 8 o'clock last night to get that sleep but that's a minor compromise.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's shaping up to be...

one of those days. i'll preface this post by mentioning that B has drill this weekend so i'm on full-time kid duty.

all 3 boys woke up at 7:45am which isn't horrible. i mean i'd prefer about 10:30am but i'd also like to win the lottery so i may have unrealistic expectations. {shrug}

anyways, back to the point. so we all wake up, i take bubba into the bathroom to go potty. he does his thing and we head downstairs. just as my foot hits the first step i hear the toliet flush. panic flows through my body because bubba is in front of me, peanut is in my arms... it's pooks. (it's always pooks). i run into the bathroom just as he slams the lid. i say "no, no, no,no, no" as i open the lid in time to see a plastic bath fish swirling round and round. luckily the water was clean, i reached in and (no pun intended) fished it out.


hopefully that is the only thing that he tossed in there. 2 days ago he attempted to flush a water bottle. i try my hardest to keep the bathroom door shut but when you have one toddler that just learned how to go potty by himself and then another who has a habit of flushing--its a no win situation.

so after some furious handwashing we finally make it downstairs. i feed peanut while bubba and pooks play. then bubba starts telling me he wants to eat cereal. personally i prefer to wake up a little but to each their own. so i open the cabinet and ask him if he wants Trix or mommys organic Granola. i bet you're smirking reading that, but he picked the granola! and he wanted a "well-wow nana on top." just goes to show you that if you always have the junky stuff available, it loses its appeal and your kiddo will choose the healthier option well over 1/2 the time. i'm not kidding, try it sometime. my mom raised us that way and my brother and i both turned out okay. (we prefer wheat over white bread and can't stand whole milk--much to our mom's disgust)

but i'm digressing again. back to the kiddos:

so after eating not just one bowl of cereal but TWO, we return to the living room. i'm changing peanuts super gross diaper when i hear a door close. what the hell? who is closing a door? well apparently pooks! he was suppose to go in the kitchen to get his sippy cup off of the counter but decided to open the garage door instead. i go in the garage and find him trying to carry his radio flyer ride on bicycle thing into the house. um, i think not. so i bring him back in, lock the door to the garage and return to the living room.

i finsh getting peanut dressed, take the diaper out to the trash and sit down at the computer while the boys watch "mickey mouse clubhouse". except when i sit down on the couch my ass is suddenly wet. i stand up to find a sippy cup leaking all over the cushion. peachy. i love trying to clean apple juice out of a giant sponge, which is essentially what our craptastic sofa is. want to guess whose sippy cup it was? yep, pookie again. somehow, the valve dislodged and was floating in the cup so his spill proof cup was no longer spill proof.

this kid may be the death of me. we've been up for 2 hours. two hours. who knows what the day has in store for us!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

talk about a comparison!

check this out...
great grandma with 1 week old peanut

great grandma with an 8 week old peanut

great grandma with a 12 week old peanut, today!
can you even believe how big he is getting? he is starting to look like such a little person...not just a baby. if you know what i mean! i know i just posted about this last night (how old peanut is getting) but seeing him today at the nanaws only confirmed it! seeing great grandma trying to comfortably hold him is getting to be a funny sight. she won't admit that he's too big for her to hold...i guess where there is a will, there is a way!
flirting with his nanaw's
looking cute in his first pair of jeans!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

show and tell

i wanted to share two super duper cute pics i took of peanut today. can you even believe that he is almost 3 months old!? yep, on thursday he will officially no longer be a newborn :( that is always a hard fact for me, i don't know why. today i cleaned out his dresser of everything that was newborn or 0-3 months...they don't fit! he is so long that any outfit with built in 'feet' won't allow him to straighten his legs and that can lead to a fussy baby! so over the weekend we journeyed out to kohl's and purchased him about 5 new sleepers/outfits in the 6 month size. now we have to roll the sleeves but they hit right at his ankles.
they grow up so fast!
oh and special thanks to grandma #2 for the new blanket...we love it!!

like i'm not busy enough!

i know its been days since i updated, but i've been swamped!

first off i have 3 kids, lol. as if you didn't know it but they keep me pretty busy. it seems like things that used to take 15minutes now take 45. there are no longer ''quick" trips to the store; there is no such thing as "just running in." it's impossible.

then besides everything with the kids, i have the diaper cakes. i've had 2 orders placed last week (due this week) so that keeps my evenings busy. i'm not complaining at all, i love it! but it does cut down on my blogging time.

on top of the kids, the house, and the diaper cakes i also decided to organize a mom's group/play group for the kids and i. i've lived here my whole life and i often find myself thinking that there isn't a lot to do. well, there's just more fun to do things with other moms/kids. so after years of bitching, i decided to take action. i'm pretty excited because i first announced our group on and within 36 hours we had 15 members! apparently other moms were waiting for a group too. so my afternoon nap has been replaced with organizing and trying to fill a calendar with activities for our playgroup. we meet up for the first time on friday---wish me luck that it goes well!

then of course this weekend was Valentine's day and if you know me, you know that i'm a holiday junkie. i love holiday's and Valentine's is no exception. i'm not one of these cynical bitter people that go on and on about how it's just a ''hallmark" holiday. i take it for what its worth: a great opportunity to tell the people you love, just how special they are. Valentine's day is special to B and I because we had our first real date 6 years ago on V-day. who would have thought on that night of bowling, that just 6 years later we would not only still be together but we'd have 3 kids! nuts huh?

anyways, we got our little heartbreakers a few little valentines day treats. a box of chocolates, some candy hearts, a few diecast Cars, they each got a book and a coloring book. (sounds like a lot but most of it was from the $1 bins at Target) then for peanut we got him a Eric Carle {the author who writes/illustrates books like "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "The Hungry Caterpillar"} baby toy that squeaks and crinkles, etc. he seems to like it, but its sometimes hard to read him ;)

pooks eyeing his chocolates
bubba excited about red ramone
my gift to B was pretty simple, a trip to the casinos using a lil bit of $ from our savings. well it was a little more complex because i had to convince nanaw and papa that they wanted to watch all 3 boys on an upcoming saturday, but they agreed! i just came up with a little coupon in photoshop and put that in his card to let him know. he seemed excited!

from B and the boys, i was spoiled rotten! not only did i get a card and flowers (tulips!), i also got my leather bag from the Sak that i've been eyeing at dillards! woohoo! i love it. it's gorgeous and classic and smells fantastic! i don't think i've ever had a real leather bag before but i must say it seems pretty wonderful! AND, nope i'm not done, we also got a wii Fit as a gift to the whole family. and let me tell you, that this is kicking my ass. it seems kinda like a fun sham workout but it! let me tell you, i've been sore. i try to get in 30-45mins in the evenings.

my tulips...i can't wait to plant them outside!

so i think i might be pretty busy. from the kiddos, taking care of the house, making diaper cakes, organizing a meet-up group and then fun little things like valentines day--my days are pretty packed! add in bubba's speech appointments, regular dr appts, working out, and necessities like eating and showering and i don't have a lot of free time.

i know it sounds nuts, but i love it. i don't how i would do it if we didn't keep busy. now this summer, when i'm going back to school part-time {sidenote but i'm hoping to get a slot in a dental hygiene program that is starting in Jan 10 but i have 3 science classes to take before then} we'll see how well i really handle it!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"you could DIE....and that would be bad"

that is what nanaw told bubba tonight. she actually said those words to my not-even-three-year-old son...and it scared the bejeezus out of him! i can't even convey via blogging how hysterical this entire incident was.

bubba and pooks each had a sucker after dinner and they were playing in the living room. bubba started chasing pooks and i told him that he needed to stop running with a sucker in his mouth that he could get hurt. if he wanted to run, then he could give me the sucker. well he looks at me and then continues chasing pooks.typical. so nanaw stops him and says:

"bubba, you can't run with a sucker in your mouth. you could choke. the sucker would go down your throat (at this point she is on his level, pointing to her throat) and get stuck. you would choke on the sucker and you could DIE {pause} and that would be bad. don't run okay?"

(by this point nanaw realizes what she said was a bit extreme and we are all mocking her for it)

bubba gives her a blank stare, then gives her his sucker with the saddest look on his face.

at this point i am both laughing hysterically and shocked that she just told a 2 year old he could die. not just die, but DIE. she emphasized the DIE part. and then rounded it off with a ''and that would be bad." umm...i think it would be a lot worse than that nanaw!

then she had to explain to him that he could keep his sucker and not get hurt, (or die) as long as he didn't run. after he ''gets it'' and resumes playing she turns to me and said "well, he got it. he's a smart kid. you get so mad when people talk down to him, so i was honest; he could choke and die." yeah...i get that. but it was the way that she emphasized the seriousness of the matter with the word DIE and then followed it with something as nonchalant as ''and that would be bad''.

i know this doesn't read nearly as funny as the situation was in real life. nanaw, B, myself and papa were all laughing. its totally a ''had to be there'' incident but i swore to her that i was going to come home and blog about it, so i did :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

happy dance!!

bubba pooped on the potty today!!

this deserves a huge YAY!!! he has been doing great with potty long as he didn't have to go #2. up until today, he would neglect to tell me and i would end up cleaning up quite the mess.

well today, he told me BEFORE he had to go. we ran upstairs to his elmo potty and he did it! afterward we did the happy ''hot dog'' dance (from mickey mouse clubhouse) hi-fived and i told him we could go wherever he wanted to. he picked the library, so off we went.

it was wonderful! okay well as wonderful as poop could ever be ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a normal day

i just wanted to share a few pics from this morning. it was just a typical lazy morning but i have come to realize that was is ''normal'' to me, isn't usually that normal to other people. i sometimes forget that most people don't spend their entire day with children under the age of 3.

bubba and pooks woke up around 7:30ish. we did the potty thing (which is going great, I might add!) and then the diaper changing thing, then came downstairs for a little breakfast. today was a mini cinnamon raisin bagel, strawberry yogurt, 1/2 a banana and chocolate soy milk (aka "pablo milk" in our house) for each kiddo. yogurt is always a gamble in our house because it is so messy! yesterday pooks got down from the table while i was busy cleaning up the kitchen and 'painted' my sliding glass door with yogurt. that was a mess! today though, we got lucky and no major messes accidental or intentional.

peanut woke up right as they were finishing breakfast, so i placed him in his swing downstairs to wake up while i got bubba and pooks dressed. the older boys watched backyardigans while i fed peanut. bubba got put in timeout twice during this for hitting pooks. this is a somewhat regular occurance--he thinks because i am feeding the baby that i won't notice him wailing on his brother. he is sadly mistaken--but normally it doesn't happen multiple times in the same 20 minute time span. he also thinks that timeout is optional.

apparently he thinks that he can hit/slap/pull pooks hair and as long as he immediatly says sorry and gives pooks a hug, he is off the hook. wrong again. he has to sit on the time out step (second from the bottom, against the wall) for 3 minutes. (one minute for each year of age).
after 3 minutes i remind why he was in timeout: ''do you like it when brother hits you?"...he usually rolls his eyes and replies "no"...then i come back with the usual ''its not nice to hit. you don't like when brother hits you because it hurts and it makes you sad. thats how brother feels when you hit him too. can you apologize?" which is when i usually get another look and he goes and hugs pookie and mumbles ''sorry bra-bra''.

{the sorry hug...hence bubba's expression, he was in the middle of saying ''sorry"}
i bet i put him in timeout at least 5 times before 11am today. finally i made him go sit in his room until he could come downstairs and play nicely with his brother. he was in his room for about 10 minutes before he came downstairs, told pooks sorry again, and played nicely. of course by then it was time for lunch, so that might have stopped the madness as well :)

between timeouts and before lunch, i placed peanut on his activity mat for some playtime. today i apparently had 3 babies and not just the one because all 3 kiddos played with the mat for about 30 minutes. granted the older boys looked ridiculous but they were sharing and getting along so i let it slide.
peanut may never have an alone moment in his life!
he did have fun though!
nah, i take it back. he doesn't look ridiculous at all!
lunchtime (surprisingly) went down without a hitch, peanut fed again and now all three are sleeping like little angels. when they wake up we'll run our errands. today we need to go to the library, the dollar store (need tissue paper for diaper cakes), target (gotta get peanut a bathtub--he's too big for the sink now) and we'll probably drive thru sonic and get a happy hour drink.

in the meantime i'm gonna do the dishes from lunch, pick up the toys, run the vacuum, then try to get in a little yoga on our new Wii fit before the kiddos wake up. wish me luck!

Friday, February 6, 2009

one year sure makes a difference!

every year i take the kids pictures on valentine's day. while i may not get professional pics for christmas or their birthdays, i always do for valentine's day. (well not professional, but i do my best to make them LOOK professional) i am well aware that i chose the most random holiday but it works. their outfits aren't overly holidayish, the time of year is good because its between christmas and their birthdays, and people really appreciate getting valentines! what better to find inside than pics of my kiddos?! *wink, wink*

anywho, i am not going to share all the pics i took just yet, but i did want to share a few for the sake of comparison:

WARNING TO NANAW: THESE PICS MAY MAKE YOU EMOTIONAL AND CRY! Proceed at your own risk without bitching at me tomorrow about making 'sad' posts. Thank you!

here is our lil bubba LAST year...
and here is toddler bubba this year!

look at lil ol pooks last year, just 9 months old
look at our big boy now...holy sh*t!
if you are tearing up, just know that you aren't alone. i cannot belive my kids are so old. i can't believe that i have an almost 3 year old! seriously i was just literally crying looking at these pics!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

bodily fluids


it's been one heck of a day and all i can say is that i am SO glad that it is finally over.

i think i mentioned that B is out of town this week, he left on sunday and will be back very late friday night/early sat morning. obviously i stay at home with the kiddos anyways but let me tell you, 24/7 without a break is tiring! now i need to clarify that nanaw (and papa) have been a huge help, but i mean literally being with your kids 24/7 without a break. i mean seriously without a break. i rarely even get to pee without another person in the bathroom with me!

its 11:30pm and this is the first time i've sat by myself, all day. all 3 little heathens are finally asleep and i'm on my way there but i had to blog this out of my system.

i knew what i was signing up for by being a mom. i know you get the good with the bad and i {thought} that i was completely prepared. a little pee on the carpet (around 10am this morning) no big deal, clean that right up. poopy pants from a potty accident(around 1pm)? bring it on.

but i was wrong. there is one subject that i fail in as a mom: vomit. and not just vomit but peanut butter and jelly vomit. that is that straw that broke the camels back.

nothing prepares you for the night i had.

here is the condensed version: at 6pm we returned from the mall and nanaw went home. peanut is screaming and i was cleaning up baby poop off of a sleeper (thus why he was screaming), then I washed my hands, fed the baby, then made the toddlers dinner, then feed the baby (again!), and then started the boys bath water. at 7pm i stripped them down, let them run around buck naked for a bit while i got out their pjs and stuff. then i dropped their lil bums in the tub. one minute i'm telling them to sit down and stop splashing and the next i am suddenly yanking toddlers out of the tub because bubba vomited in the freaking BATHTUB while they were playing. so they run around naked (again) because i had to deal with the vomit right then or i know it would only get worse. i hate hate hate vomit. i have a pretty strong stomach with any other bodily fluid but vomit--uh uh, that does it.

so as i'm in the middle of attempting to clean that up, peanut picks that second to wake up screaming so i lay him down in the crib long enough to get the older boys dressed. this was at 7:30pm. i get them settled, breathing treatment started and finished, 2 books read and good night kisses given to all. i turn around and go into the babies room to yet another poopy diaper. get him changed and he wants to eat(again). after eating he needed changed (again). as i'm taking the dirty diaper off and slipping the clean one on, he pees. well the clean diaper acts as a deflector and pee goes all over peanuts tummy and my bed! so blot him dry for the time being, i strip off my bed linens, put clean sheets back on, and start the water to give peanut a bath. as the water is running i'm holding him and he proceeds to spit up on me.


so i peel off my shirt, peel off his diaper and get him cleaned up. return to our room to get him dressed. dressing takes longer than usual because the first sleeper no longer fits him (too short) and the second one fits in length but his neck is so chubby i can't button the top bottom. oh well, he's sleeping in it. so i feed him (again) and he finally falls asleep. i go to lay him down in his crib and he spits up YET AGAIN but on his bed.

well by this time, i'm over it. i am not removing the crib bumpers so that i can pull out the mattress to change the sheets. only to then re-tie all 30 million ties on the bumpers. not happening, not today. so i clean it up best i can with a damp towel and moved him to the other end of the crib.

by the time this is all done, its 10pm and after cleaning everyone and every thing else up, i finally get to eat dinner. i did get to enjoy it in absolute silence while mindlessly surfing the web. that's a plus. of course then i still had to clean the kitchen up from dinner, let the dog out and start a load of pee-soaked laundry.

now i'm going to bed. its late, i'm tired and i feel like i could sleep til next tuesday! but i'll be lucky if i get to sleep til 1am before peanut wants to eat. again.

i miss b. tonight was way too much for one person.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

brotherly love

here is what happens when you try to get a picture of all three kiddos-at the same time. hopefully we'll get some better ones for their valentines :)

this is one of the better ones...
here they are throwing up gang signs...
a little TOO much brotherly love for peanut!
the best one
(despite peanuts' surprised look, pooks odd smirk and bubba talking)
aw, oh well. we'll try again another day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

hey guys

check out this raffle for a chance to win a great camera and prize pack, all while helping a mama raise money for an international adoption. (they are adopting a little girl from Korea). the camera is just like the one i currently have--and it is awesome!oh and thanks heather ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


so, whadda think? *insert "oohing" and "awwing" here*

i decided that my blog was way over do for an update. first off, i was sick of having to redesign the background for every holiday and secondly: peanut is almost 10 weeks old and his name wasn't even in the title! after much deliberation and back and forth on my part, i decided on [loveable chaos]. that pretty much sums up my whole life in 2 words and i feel like its a perfect fit. (oh and don't worry, the web address stayed the same!)

so it's been a few days since i last posted but really not too much has changed. life has been busy and i just haven't had as much computer time lately! the boys are all doing well.

on friday a local infant-toddler service came out and evaluated bubba and pooks to check/assess their developmental and communication skills. the evaluators are a speech pathologist and another lady who i think is an early childhood education teacher. anyways, its a free service provided by the county (regardless of income/nationality/etc) to make sure that infants and toddlers are on the right track. how could i pass up this opportunity? if they are on track, no big deal. if they have delays, they will come to the house and work with myself and the boys on correcting those areas.

bubba: his fine motor skills are great, no worries or delays. his gross motor skills are also right on track, although he is borderline in the ''self help" area. technically by their grading system he should be able to do more things for himself, ie take his shirt off, wipe his own nose, etc. she said that alot of kids his age can't/won't do those so there is no cause for concern.

communication wise he has a (fairly obvious) problem enunciating. the kid has started talking so much but because he doesn't articulate different sounds, you can't understand a lot of it. she said that his delay is great enough to qualify him for speech services...YAY! well, not 'yay' that he has a delay but 'yay' for services. also because he is almost 3, he will be referred to the school district for speech classes. once assessed by them, he will either attend a speech class twice a week at the headstart building or if they decide that his delay is more than just enunciating, he could get a slot in early preschool! how fun and helpful would that be!? i know he would love it and i would love to be able to understand him without the frustration that both of us sometimes have!

pooks: is basically the same as bubba. his fine & gross motor skills are on track, his self help skills are behind slightly (apparently he should be able to undress more of himself on his own) and his communication is borderline. she said that to see him, she would guess that communication isn't a problem but since off the top of my head i could think of only 17 words that he says, that puts him in the ''borderline" category on paper. now that i've had time to make a list, he says more than 17 and each day he picks up new words. but, he qualifies for services at home. (which is a lifesaver for me because I don't have to haul 3 kiddos anywhere) they will come out to the house and teach us activities and games that we can do together, to help him learn and develop.

it might not seem like much, but i'm excited! i was going to school for early childhood education so its fun and exciting for me to learn so much about their developments. and i love the idea of learning new games and activities to help keep things interesting around here!

anywho, that's really all that is going on. B is out of state on business right now, so i'm flying solo all week. i'm not really worried about it, i think we'll do fine but i know that bedtime/bath time will be a challenge as will finding the time to keep up on the housework. B usually does all the laundry (i know, i'm lucky!) and the older boys bedtime routines. i'm outnumbered but i think i can handle it!

oh and i'll add new pics later, blogger is having issues adding images right now ;)