Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well baby visit

peanut had a well baby exam this morning and i thought i'd post his stats.

at birth he was: 6lbs 130z and 20 inches
today at 2 mos: 12lbs 12 oz and 23.5 inches!!

can you even believe that? he's about doubled his birth weight and has grown 3.5 inches! he looks great. surprisingly he is in the 75th percentile for HEIGHT (?) and the 50th for weight. i can't believe that he is so 'tall' for his age (given we are all so short) but its true. he got 3 shots and he did great. a few tears but as soon as he started nursing he forgot all about his little legs.

he does have a small hernia under/on his belly button but nothing serious. he's not in pain and they don't do anything for it, other than watch it. she said that it will go away on its own and that he'll probably have an outtie.

i asked her about his eyes...he looks crossed eyed quite often (i thought it was just because of his eye shape) but i did want to make sure. well, i was right again :) she did this little test to see where the light hits his eyes and he's normal. basically, in completely non PC terms: its because he's asian. seriously, i'm not kidding B! i know he's gonna think i made that up but i swear...it has to do with the shape of his eyes and the way the folds of his eyes are shaped. the inner part of his eye (closest to his nose) is shaped in such a way that we don't see his full eyeball when he looks straightforward, which makes it looks like his eye isn't centered. it is. as he gets bigger and his face grows and he learns to focus better, he'll look "normal".

well i'll get pics up later--just wanted to get the numbers up before i forgot!

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