Wednesday, January 21, 2009

updates galore!

update #1--potty training boot camp: day 4
-we did not have any accidents today!! WOOHOO!! none as in zero. bubba went pee pee on the potty all day. now i'm trying not to get too excited, i know that pt'ing is a ''2 steps forward 1 step back'' kind of thing but you haven't heard the kicker yet....

update #2--we visited the nanaw's today (we were in the car for over an hour -twice!-and bubba didn't have an accident!)
-we went with nanaw to visit nanaw phew phew and great great nanaw today. they live an hour away and with great great nanaw being 97yrs old, she doesn't usually get to visit us so we surprised her. boy was she surprised! she loves it when the babies visit and i know she was excited to see all of us, but (you knew it was coming) i think she gets the biggest joy from seeing/holding peanut. she just loves her babies. the last time we saw her was Christmas day so it had been almost a month. we took lots of pictures. luckily peanut was awake and happy, he even laughed for nanaw phew phew!

the big boys of course had a blast. they love being the center of attention and spoiled rotten. they got to play with a ton of cars, they had everyones full attention and they had mcdonald's for lunch. in short: they were silly and hyper and typical toddler boys.

here are the pics:
peanut giving g-g-nanaw the eye
she was so excited!!
laughing for nanaw phew phew
making faces while being burped
looking bored while nanaw tries to make him sit up for a "normal" picture
i didn't take any of the b and p...they were so busy eating and playing and honestly, peanut was awake and happy so he trumped them in picture ''neediness''. i feel like i rarely get to post pics of him because he's always sleeping or making a silly face.

i do have pictures of the older boys from at our house this morning, i'll get those up tomorrow because they are on the other camera.

and lastly:
update #3--tito is being adopted
i know its techinically ''good" news (i mean if getting rid of your dog is ever good)...he really cannot stay here and i am glad that he will be going to a nice family. the lady from the humane society called today and announced that they found the perfect applicant for lil' tito--for the time being we are keeping rascal and seeing how bubba's allergies do, then go from there [it was too hard to find someone to place them together] we may end up having to put him up for adoption or we may be able to control his dander/shedding enough to keep him, we just don't know--anyways...the family sounds nice.

its a married lady with kids, she has an older dog and she had a chihuahua but he died of old age. she is wanting to get another chihuahua and fell in love with tito's profile. she passed all of their screening (they do background checks via the applicants vet to see if their animals are up to date on shots, well cared for, etc) and is really excited. and she must be REALLY excited because she lives 3 hours away and is driving up saturday to meet him. normally after the meeting tito would come back home and she would then have a bit to decide. well since she is driving 3 hours, the humane society lady wanted to see if i would consider letting them have tito that day, rather than having to drive again in 2 days. she hadn't told the other family yet, but wanted to check with me. i told her that i thought that would be best.

it is going to be so hard to hand tito over on saturday, period. i cannot imagine having to do it once, only to get him back for a day or two and then do it again. i don't know how i would handle it or how i would explain it to bubba and pooks. i know deep down that this is best for tito, this lady will probably love him and spoil him rotten...i mean she is driving 3 hours to MEET him and anyone who is that interested, serious and dedicated sounds like the right person. and i'm glad that she has an older dog that tito can befriend. but it doesn't make things any easier.


  1. Never mind on the Facebook post, if I would read this thing, I would find all of the answers. It's going to be so sad to see Mr. Tito go. It is great that he is going to someone who wants him so badly, but who will sit on my lap with "death" breath when I come to visit?

  2. I used to LOVE seeing my Grandmother's face when we would just walk down the street to visit her with my daughter. She got pretty sick pretty quickly after my youngest was born- so there wasn't much of a time to really bond- But I have tons of pictures of G-Grandma holding both babies when they were first born... She hasn't been with us for 2 years now, and it makes me miss her like crazy when I think of stuff like this.

    On the adoption situation- I am so sorry! We have gone through this so many times with our cats because we have one that is a little "crazy"... I told myself that if they ever harmed one of the kids- they would be done... But things with them have been quiet for a year- and I couldn't find anyone that wanted an 8 year old cat that isn't fixed and crazy....
    My heart melts for animals... Good luck- and I pray you have strength for this! Tell my brother I said Hi!!


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