Monday, January 19, 2009

PTBC: Day 2

went much better than expected!

bubba did great wearing his "Cars" undies all day. he did wear a pull-up at nap time and while at the park. after his nap it was wet but we didn't fuss about it...however, he held it the entire time we were at the park! woohoo! total today i think he had 2 accidents, both of which were while sitting in his high chair. i don't know why because he went before and after, but whatever. maybe since he's sitting it feels natural? i don't know. regardless, in the grand scheme of things he pee'd probably 15 times in the potty today. woohoo!

we did have another talk about big boys vs babies and how he wasn't going to wear a diaper anymore...that he would be in big boy undies all the time now. he didn't look at me like i was nuts, so thats a plus!!

on another note, i mentioned the park above and thought that i would share some pics. since it actually got above 50 degrees today we took all the boys to the park. it was techinically peanut's first time but he never even got out of the carseat. nonetheless, i'm sure he was impressed. bubba and pooks sure were! its new playground equipment so they were very excited. i took a ton of pics, but only resized a few. (i'm lazy, i admit it!) here they are, enjoy ;)

pooks on a bouncy ATV
(he actually tried ripping another kiddo off of this thing!)
peanut "playing" in the sand
bubba digging
we learned the hard way that pooks' still hates the swings
(bubba however, loves them!)
these things were by far their favorite
all my boys holding hands

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  1. Way to go Bubba! You're a big boy now. Looks like everyone had a good time at the park. The new one does look like a lot of fun.
    Great Pictures!!



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