Sunday, January 18, 2009

Potty Training Boot Camp: Day 1

well i don't know what got into me this morning but i decided that bubba wearing diapers, is ridiculous. firstoff, its a power play. he totally knows when he needs to potty. hell, somedays he'll go all day wearing pull-ups and not have an accident only to wake up the next morning and TELL ME that he wants to wear "blues clues" aka diapers. um, okay. why have i been letting my almost 3 year old boss me around??

well its because he's cute, he's overly sensitive, and i'll admit it: it's easier. i already have 2 that *have* to be in diapers, what's a third added to the mix? its way easier than running up and down a flight of stairs to get to the potty in a hurry with him, while trying to watch the "little" ones at the same time.

not today mister. no more nice mom. my push over days have ended. (well, at least when it comes to the potty)

as i was putting a diaper on him he was complaining of an ouchie. well he has a rash/exzema on his leg and his diaper is rubbing on it. i told him that if he would just wear his big boy pants, it wouldn't hurt. he said ''no''. well today was the day that i said ''no, you are wearing big boy underwear and you're going pee-pee in the potty." i told him that he sleeps in a big boy bed, he drinks out of a big boy cup, and if he wants to play with cars and watch tv and do all the other fun big boy things, no more diapers. diapers are for peanut and pooks--they still have binkys, they wear diapers. i asked him if he wanted a binky? well naturally he said "no" and laughed. so i took him into the bathroom and he peed. right after he peed he wanted a pull-up. i said "nope, pull ups are for night time and naps. you get underwear like daddy." and i put underwear on him.

we get downstairs and i set up another potty. i made sure to tell him that if he had to go, he didn't have to go all the way upstairs. well pooks sees the elmo potty and decides, 'hey this is pretty cool, i'll sit on that' so i took off his diaper and let him sit. oh my gosh did bubba FREAK out. he did not want his brother on his potty. so once pooks had been sitting for about 5 minutes and doing everything but pee, i took him off. as soon as his butt left the seat, bubba wanted to sit. so i put him on the potty and he pee'd again!

i set the kitchen timer and literally, every 35 minutes we took him to the potty. i'm hoping that he'll realize..."hey, this isn't fun. i don't like to quit playing to pee...i'll just go now BEFORE i start to play."

he did okay. he had one accident at lunch. he was sitting in his chair and apparently pee'd. i didn't make a big deal about it or anything, just told him that we'd go upstairs and get him cleaned up. i made him take off his dirty pants/undies (i read somewhere that *he* needs to be the one to take them off, not me--makes it more real for the toddler), i had him pee again in the potty and then he got re-dressed.

we're not doing rewards, no m&m's or stickers this time. i'm serious. if he wants to go to preschool, he has to be potty trained. for early preschool he doesn't have to be, but they do prefer it and honestly he "gets it". there is no reason that he's still in diapers other than the fact that he is stubborn. (pooks on the other hand, doesn't have a clue. he'll sit on the potty for 15 mins and make peeing sounds, but not pee. he doesn't seem to notice when he does go, he doesn't hide when he poops, etc)

so, wish us luck! day 2 starts tomorrow!

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