Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"pooks, what are you doing?"

silence is not taken for granted in our house. i love peace and quiet...when all the kids are tucked in their beds sleeping like little angels, it is wonderful. like a little gift.

however, when its 10am and my house is quiet--it is suspicious. 2 toddlers are not quiet and when silence is experienced in the middle of the day, that means something is probably wrong. something is guaranteed to be wrong when pooks is the quiet one.

this morning bubba was sitting next to me on the couch watching "Cars", peanut was nursing and pooks' was being suspiciously quiet on the floor. from my perch on the couch, i could just see the back of his head but i couldn't tell what was in his hands or what he was doing. so i say ''pooks, what are you doing?" and the response is laughter. i get up and this is what i find:

somebody found the wipes container and managed to open it--not by the pop up opening--but by the lid. wipes were everywhere. off to the side, in his lap and (not that you can see this) but under his butt and behind him. and you can't tell in the pictures but he had PILES of wipes not just one or two but 10-12 per 'area'.

he was really fazed by me catching him too, let me tell ya.

and this is his newest thing:he apparently thinks that if he covers his ears and can't hear me, then that must mean that i can't see him?! where he comes up with this stuff, i don't know but he does it all the time. earlier (when he was supposed to be napping) i caught him in the middle of his room, playing with his hot wheels cars. well he immediately dropped his cars, covered his ears and just stared at the floor grinning while i'm telling him to get back in his car bed.

he's nuts.


  1. Just freakin adorable.........I just love that kid. I give him 2 thumbs up. Also for the record , if you would close your eyes then you wouldn't know what he was up to so his theory would kinda work.

  2. These pics were just hilarious. I am sitting here laughing. He is the one that is really going to keep you on your toes.


  3. Your kids are too funny! I love all of your blog updates! :)

  4. That is one of Gwennies fave pastimes as well!


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