Thursday, January 15, 2009

my lil superheros

i realized that the last few posts have been lacking pictures, and i know how you guys like pictures. so this is another one of those random postings just so you can all get your fill of cuteness ;)
Superhero Hug!
The most cheesy Batman that I have ever seen
what pooks looks like when he's coming in for a kiss...
(imagine you are hearing ''mmmwah")
a very smiley bubba
bubba and B snuggling in pooks bed
oh and this has to be one of the greatest Target deals that I've ever found and lemme tell ya, i've found some real bargains at Target. today we [the boys, myself and nanaw] ventured out in the 4 degree weather to shop. well one thing led to another and somehow we were in the toy department, which usually given the ages and number of kids i have, we avoid. so many toys were on super 75% off. well i was looking up above the risers, on the backwall (hint hint to you shoppers) and they had the bigger ''little tike'' style toys up there. a work bench, train table, rocking horse, puppet theater and these easels all 75% off. so the $100 train table was $24.98--but we didn't need a train table. the puppet theater that was adorable--for a girl, was $17. well these little chalkboard easels that we normally $29.99 were only $7.48! can we say BARGAIN?! so being the worlds greatest nanaw, she bought the last two for bubba and pooks. they love them!!
thanks nanaw!! (btw, pooks is saying "cheese")

now you maybe wondering ''where is peanut in all of this?" well i tell ya what if he's not eating then he's screaming and if he's not eating or screaming, then he must be sleeping. the poor kid is just so fussy for so much of the day, but when he sleeps, he sleeps! and today he slept a lot. here is picture proof:
oh and you have to take note of his new stuffed animal that nanaw bought him:
bubba named him Puppy (creative right?) and he's just like the lovey that bubba carries around named Arf (gotta give it to the kid!). well peanut and Puppy have only been BFF's since about 1pm but so far, they seem to be smitten. you pull Puppy's tail and he plays music and surprisingly as soon as peanut hears said music, he stops screaming. its a wonderful glorious thing, and so worth the $13.99 that nanaw paid.

in the words of bubba: "sanks nanaw" :)


  1. Very cute pictures!!! Hope you are doing well with those darn headaches. Hope they figure out what is going on soon.

    Take care!!

  2. I'm so jealous of the awesome deals you found at Target!!! Parker's first b-day is coming looks like I need to be making a Target run now instead of waiting until closer to his birthday! Btw...I can't get over how stinkin cute your kids are!!! ;)


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