Thursday, January 1, 2009

My lil' peanut

the number one thing that anyone (and everyone) comments on when they see peanut is how big he is. yes, he was born almost 4 weeks early and weighed 6lbs 13oz but you sure as hell can't tell that now! he is getting chunky. super chunky. as in " hi, i'm six weeks old and am wearing 3 month clothing already" chunky. Here is a comparison pic that shows it best:
1 week old with Great Great Grandma
5 weeks old with Great Great Grandma (on Christmas Day)
at his one month appointment he weighed 9lbs 4oz...that was almost 3 lbs more than his discharge weight when we left the hospital. add two more weeks and i'm sure he's close to 11lbs today--if not over. and oddly enough the reason we had to move up the 3 month sleepers was because he was too long for the newborn ones! he couldn't straighten his little legs in the newborn size anymore.

so without further ado, meet my little chunk-a-monk:
6 weeks old on New Years Eve


  1. he's the cutest chunk-a-monk EVAR! Happy New Year Shannon, all the best for 09 :)

  2. What a little chunk he is! He is looking alot more like Bubba I think.

    Happy New Year to all!


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