Monday, January 12, 2009

my head is going to explode!

or at least it feels that way.

i haven't posted in days, i know. its because my damn head hurts so bad i can't even think straight. not a single day has gone by that I do not have a headache in 3 weeks. seriously, this is not just shannon exaggerating and being melodramatic (yeah i know, like i even do that, right?) i have had a headache since christmas eve.

at first i thought it might have been a migraine but it starts with a sharp shooting pain on the left side of my head but way down almost by my neck, then it migrates up throughout my head, turning into a full-blown headache. i'm not sensitive to light but sounds and smells make it worse. when it comes on i get super lightheaded and dizzy. kid you not i fell down the stairs last week because it came on so fast. and half the time, i feel like i'm going to throw up--at least 3 times, i actually have. the shooting pain sometimes happens anywhere from not at all that day to four times in one day. the headache is pretty much constant.

so by now you're thinking: "Dumbass, go to the doctor."

yeah, i did that.

they don't know whats wrong. i saw the physician's assistant, who then conferred with my doctor and they don't know. while asking me 4 billion questions (like if my headband is too tight?!) and making me walk on my toes, walk on my heels, follow her finger with my eyes, etc. the PA also noticed that my right hand has a tremor.


so they took a ton of blood and ran tests to check my blood count, iron levels, pregnancy (yeah i told them "no way in hell" but apparently they had their own ideas), thyroid levels and blood sugars....all of it came back fine. according to my lab work, i'm the epitome of good health.

well the tremor and MASSIVE headaches prove otherwise, so on thursday i have to go get a CT scan.

meanwhile they gave me tylenol 3 with codeine....thus the reason for the drastic cut in my posting. its hard to blog in your sleep, which is what the tylenol does to me; knocks me on my ass. so [obviously] i don't take the codeine laced tylenol while home alone with my 3 kids...that would be irresponsible to say the least!

thus i have a killer headache pretty much non-stop all day while listening to 2 toddlers scream at each other for stealing each other's cars, magna-doodles, snacks, sippy cups, etc or because they want to watch "cars" or because they want to go to nanaw's house or because they are two years old and just feel like yelling.

singing back up for the screaming toddlers is the gassy 2 month old who lately is pretty much fussy 20 out of 24 hours a day. i swear peanut is the GASSIEST baby i have ever seen. he'll burp 3 times, fart and fall asleep only to wake up screaming 10 minutes later, drawing his legs up because his poor little tummy hurts.


i'm not trying to complain, really i'm not. this post was suppose to be a quick explanation as to why i haven't posted since last week but i got a little out of hand didn't i?

sorry 'bout that.

did i mention that i already took the tylenol with codeine, then decided to post?


  1. I really hope you get some answers soon and get everything straightened out, life is pretty much sucking for you right now. I feel for ya, thinking about you.

  2. Shannon, how scary! I hope you feel better soon and I certainly hope it's not anything too serious. Good luck!

  3. Sorry you're still having headaches. Let me know what you find out on Thursday.


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