Sunday, January 4, 2009

my big boys...

are freaking hilarious. not that peanut won't be, but right now his hilarity gene isn't really shining though (yet?).

regardless, i had to get a photo of this...bubba makes this face all the time. for like 3 days i couldn't figure out what the hell he was doing. then one night he pointed to pooks' new 'Mater' lamp and then made the face--i figured that out pretty easily! this is bubba making his ''tow mater'' face (don't mind the twizzler in his mouth):
and for those that don't know, this is 'Mater:
i think its the mouth/lips that makes him look like Mater. that and the general droopiness that bubba is trying to pull off. he needs to learn to stick his teeth out while doing it too!

on another big boy note...guess who is FINALLY talking?? and i mean talking not sounds??


its like one day he woke up deciding to talk and he hasn't shut up since! when i drive he tells me ''mama drive slllllooooowww" or "mama drive fast-fast-fast". yesterday he told me it was raining and USED THE WORD ''RAIN''. okay it sounds like ''wane'' but still its a vast improvement over making the sound of rain. he can say both of his brothers [real] names, and does. he said auntie Michelle's name on friday. we went through the mcdonalds drive thru last week he told me that he wanted ''french fries, sauce, and nuggets". when it was nap time yesterday i was at the top of the stairs telling him to hurry up and he said ''ma, i'm coming'' plain as day. so besides the fact that he has some serious attitude, i love it. he's such a big boy now!
okay and i'm posting the following, knowing that i'm going to get flamed.

i cut pooks hair. and i don't mean a little trim like last time. i was going for a trim, he was sitting so good in the bathroom sink letting me trim all the sides and back. (you see where this is going, right?) just as i go to trim the top, he turns his head...causing me to make a cut that was way shorter then all the rest. had this been on the side, it would have been fine..ya know? leave the top longer, shorten up the sides and we'd be good to go. well when you overly shorten the top you have to shorten the rest. the curls are gone.
surprisingly enough, i love it! it is still wavy and slightly messy but he looks like such a big boy! its like you notice him and all his expressions instead of just his hair. yes he looks older. and i can fully admit this: had some bimbo at a salon cut his hair this short, i would have freaked.

but i guess since i was the bimbo and i just went with it, i'm okay with it :)

naturally Nanaw flipped a lid, smacked me and said ''what the hell did you do?" when she saw him and B keeps telling me that he looks like a 5 year old getting ready to go to kindergarten (exaggeration much?) but regardless, i like it. uncle matt likes it...papa hasn't seen it. bubba thought it was fun to watch, he even asked me to cut his but i didn't dare!


  1. I think that his hair cut is cute! It gives him the appearance of being a calm child, even though we all know that it couldn't be further from the truth.

  2. He looks really cute with his new haircut. I miss the curls but they will grow back.



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