Monday, January 5, 2009

just cuteness...

nothing really to post about or update, i just wanted to share some cute pics that i took today.

enjoy ;)
peanut snuggling with his elephant
2 seconds later....literally.

bubba enjoying his "Cars" ornament that Nanaw bought for him
(it lights up)
pooks running around like a crazy nun
(notice how dirty the shirt is? i was in the middle of changing him when he ran off)
his 'i'm a big boy mom, i can do whatever i want' face


  1. I love the finger that Pooks has up, like "wait a minute, I can do it myself!" Super cute pictures.

  2. Really cute pictures. Bubba is looking soooo grown-up these days.
    Pooks and Peanut are really growing fast too! I am enjoying all these new pics. Pooks looks so onry, I bet he keeps you on your toes!

    Take care


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