Monday, January 26, 2009

a case of the monday's


i am not even going to post about everything that happened today, but it was definitely a monday. since becoming a stay at home mom the days all kinda run into together. is it thursday? tuesday? i usually don't know and unless one of the kids have a dr. appt scheduled or if grey's anatomy is doesn't really matter.

but today was the kinda monday that you dread. you know its a monday.

first off peanut slept like crap last night. up at 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am and finally sound asleep at 6:30. i had/have a killer headache and just when i think i'll get a solid 2 hours sleep the older boys are awake by 7:20am. peachy.

then at 7:40, we had a slight garage door malfuction that resulted in some damage to the pacifica. great. called around and that'll be about $300 unless we can find a new rear spoiler and brake light at a salvage yard. add that to the list of things i wasn't planning on.

after breakfast i had to get bubba dressed and ready for his very first dentist appt. the potty training is going awesome, i should add. he's wearing real underwear daily now, and is usually accident free. he hasn't had a pee accident in 3 days! even at naps and overnight he holds it, then tells me. woohoo!! going #2 is a problem and i'm not sure how to fix it...he just won't go in the potty. he gets completely embarrassed, hates being cleaned up, hates pooping on his ''Cars" underwear but still won't go on any of the pottys. i don't know what to do about that. tomorrow i'm gonna watch him like a hawk and hopefully (cross your fingers) i'll recognize the signs and get his bootie on a potty.

oh and the dentist appt went well. he sat like a big boy, the dentist checked his teeth and everything looks great. no cavities, he has the all the teeth that he is suppose to have and he's to come back in 6 months for a check up and flouride treatment. aside from the fact that i hated that dentist office and will never go there again, all was well. i HATE that they talk down to him. well i hate when anyone talks down to him. i get that he is not even 3 yrs old, but he's pretty mature and understands quite a when you realize that he's able to understand basic commands and ''gets it'' stop acting like he's stupid. no he's not going to fall/jump out of the chair...does he look like he is? he's not even moving. when he asks ''whats that?" and points to the overhead light you don't need to look at me to answer the question...tell him its a freaking light! and when you give him a sticker for being such a big boy, don't tell him that the "little tooth is sitting on a toothbrush" tell the truth...the tooth is SURFING on the toothbrush...just like the sticker shows. he gets it, he knows what surfing is, he knows what water is. idiots.

we're all still adjusting to tito's re-homing. the boys naps were all off because they woke up so early, and they all fell asleep at different times so i didn't get to nap. my headaches are still bad, despite doing what the doctor said. btw, i don't think that i ever updated--they think my headaches are a hormonal imbalance and i was supposed to stop taking my mini-pill and they *should* go away. yeah well, its been over a week and i still have a headache. thanks.

pooks is teething and therefore not eating very well. you cannot bribe the kid to sit in his chair for longer than 5 minutes. you can buckle him in and he'll scream. i even tried letting him sit on his knees in the big chair at dinner and that didn't work either. he kept climbing down, feeding food to rascal, screaming...ugh. total all day today i think he had a bowl of oatmeal, a cup of soy milk, 2 mini hotdogs with maybe 2 bites of macaroni, a cup of diluted apple juice with a few cheddar rice cakes, and about 5 bites of a pork stir fry that b made for super with a sippy of water. if you know pooks, you know that isn't normal. usually the kid eats non-stop all day...or wants to eat non-stop. i know he'll be fine, but a cranky 20month old doesn't make your day any easier. then at bed time he's started this new habit of kicking me while i attempt to get him dressed. he thinks its hilarious, i think its painful.

i had a bad day.

peanut is doing better, i think he had a tummy ache last night...kept pulling up his legs and crying. he slept virtually all morning and went to bed tonight without a hitch. here's hoping that tonight isn't a repeat performance of last night. i sure hope not! the one positive about today's post that i wanted to share is peanut is now smiling ALL THE TIME and has even started giggling. of course, he only giggles when you make a complete fool out of yourself trying to make him giggle (ie- me singing backyardigan's songs while making silly faces). he has also started mimicking us..when we stick out our tongue at him, smile or frown, he'll do the same back. its very cute! here are some pics of the fat lil man getting a bath. i think its getting to the point where we won't be able to bathe him in the sink anymore!
a little smile at daddy
...and a giggle.
(i love all his chubbiness! he has little man boobs!)

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