Friday, April 25, 2008

an overdue update....

i know, i've been seriously slacking with the blogging. i apologize. things have been busy and i've been tired, lol! we went back home yesterday because i was in a bunch of pain. honestly it felt like a cyst had ruptured on my left ovary. the problem is....i no longer have a left ovary. so my OB wanted me to have an ultrasound done to make sure that everything was okay. well, everything is okay! the littlest tictac looks great! ''she'' is very tiny, about the size of a grain of rice, but the heart was beating away at 116bpm. here is the very first "baby" picture:
here is a belly pic from this week as well:

bubba is still in the midst of potty training, which can be exhausting in itself. we have to ask him if he needs to go about every 30-45minutes. its working though! yesterday he pottied 10 times! all in one day!! woohoo bubba!! B even taught him how to pee standing up, which he gets a big kick out of. today was a little worse than yesterday, he had 2 ''accidents'' while nanaw was watching him. (although he knew he was pottying, he just didn't bother to go to the potty) :/

his speech seems to be getting better. the other day he told B: '' eggs?". we didn't even know that he knew how to say eggs, let alone in a sentence. he can say mama, ma, mommy and mom-although he prefers ''ma'' (he didn't get the memo that we don't live in Brooklyn apparently). he loves to tell pooks "NO" and he's beginning to say his ABC's although right now its mostly the tune of the song, not the actual letters. here is a pic from the last week:

last but not least, pooks.
pooks is....*sigh*....pooks. he is a dare devil who isn't afraid of anything, laughs when he hears the word ''NO" and enjoys eating dog food. he has 4 teeth now and is cutting one more on the top. he can pull himself up onto any and everything, he has started cruising on furniture and he knows how to fake cry, but make it sound extremely geniuine. he uses this to his advantage a few times each day. he is officially off formula (YAY!) and eats anything. i mean ANYthing. tonight for dinner he had steak, potatoes, green beans and garlic bread. yes, he can eat steak with 4 teeth. surprisingly enough he can also eat candy nerds --he hijacked his brother's candy today and chowed down. he never ceases to amaze me! here is his pic from this week:

well, thats pretty much everything to update on! enjoy :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

the promised pictures....

here are *some* of the pics from saturday. i still need to update with all the random pics from this weekend and even some from last week because i've been slacking.

but without further ado:
bubba and pooks before the party
(i made all the great great grandkids shirts that read:
"I'm Great Great Grandma's Favorite-No, Really I am.")
bubba and pooks and cousin belle belle (pooks and belle switched binkies)
all 3 cousins being silly
belle-belle and bubba on a walk picking grandmas "pretty yellow flowers"
pooks with great great grandma
5 GENERATIONS!!!grandma with all her great-great grandkids
uncle M with his grandmas
pooks eating a rib?!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

whew...mama is exhausted!!!

man o man am i tired!

we've been at nanaw's house all weekend. the boys have slept like crap.

there isn't a better way of putting it. bubba has been waking up with what I assume are night terrors...his eyes are open but he's freaking out having a tantrum. i don't know what the deal is but it takes about 5 minutes of tantrum, then another 10-30mins to calm him down and get him back to sleep. then about 2 hours later pooks wakes up screaming for a bottle (which he only does at nanaws house when he sleeps in the pack-n-play). not to mention the 3 times i woke up to pee. well, we ended up with our entire family in the bed from about 5am on. a family of 4 in a queen bed--not very restful to say the VERY least. then they proceed to wake up at 7:30am for good.

mama is tired.

then today we drove about an hour to go to great-great grandma's 97th birthday party. yep, thats right...i said 97th! the boys did SO well in the car and then at the house and then at the restaurant where the party was. they got to play with cousin belle-belle and even got to meet their second cousin who is 8 months old. bubba took a few minutes to warm up (as usual) and pooks was he normal friendly 'never met a stranger' self.

i seriously took like 200 pics, lol. it'll be a few days before i can update with pics. i'm still at my parents house and i can't transfer the pics until i get home. we got our 5 generation pics, and family pics, cousin pics, etc---take my word for it they are ADORABLE! you'll see for yourself in a few days ;)

needless to say, mama is tired.

very little sleep + car ride + growing a baby= exhausting!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Photo dump contest

okay, so i am participating in a contest from another mama's blog. ( ) the idea is to dump all the photos off of your digital camera without editing or resizing, etc then choose the best ones and share them.

our pics are from our old point and shoot digital, so they aren't the greatest but they are from the boys bathtime 2 nights ago. enjoy :)

The Fonz...

Pooks rockin' "the Donald" hairstyle

do we think he needs a haircut?? yeah!

the expression that pooks makes while he's getting his ears cleaned/dried. EVERY night he makes this face!

Monday, April 14, 2008

silly brothers...

the boys are napping so I thought i would upload a bunch of pics from the other day. enjoy :)

pooks with animal cracker bits stuck between his eyes
boys and there toys!
bubba the mechanic
pooks' top toofers!
umm...who is bigger again??

Sunday, April 13, 2008

i'm showing!?!

*gulp* no denying this belly! i cannot believe how much i am showing at just 5 weeks?! with pooks i got ''big'' fast but then stayed the same size from about 10-25weeks...maybe i'll be the same with this lil tictac too? here is hoping!

Friday, April 11, 2008

the boys being cute..

as usual :)

today the weather was a bit crappy, pooks is teething and we didn't really do much. we hung around the house, took a 2.5 hour nap (woohoo!!) and played alot. here are the pics:
pooks at breakfast, rocking the bedhead look
(poor guy, you can tell he doesn't feel good)
the boys eating a snack after their naps
(again, pooks is teething...can you tell? lol)

bubba playing with tito...he got the biggest kick of this

being silly. tito was giving him kisses and he thought it was hilarious

such silly boys!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


tonight i busted out my 'yoga for your pregnancy' DVD. i really really really want to have this baby 100% naturally like i did pooks so i figure i better start strengthening up now. between the yoga and work, i should be able to make it through labor and delivery *better* than i did last time. (maybe my screams won't scare the 1st time moms, lol).

anyways, as i was following the dvd, bubba decided he was going to too. b didn't get very many pictures (he was actually cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes, so i can't complain) are the ones he did get.

bubba and i in the 'home seat' position (i think thats what its called, lol--its hard to hear when 2 little ones are working out with you):

while bubba and i were inhaling and exhaling, pooks was trying to turn it off! apparently yoga is not one of pooks interests!(i love the look of determination on his face, lol)

it was really cute when we were relaxing and loosening our legs (bubba sat on the floor next to me ''relaxing'' his (aka-kicking), and as i was attempting to move into the bridge position, bubba decided to sit ON me. not very relaxing.
from now on, i think i'll do the yoga AFTER the boys' bedtime. (which btw mom, they went to bed at 8:45 tonight--and still screamed. i don't know what the issue is!)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

fun pictures from today!

today was beautiful out, so we took the boys outside to play for awhile. we didn't go to the zoo like we had originally planned...they napped til almost 3pm and the zoo closes at 5pm (plus its a big zoo and about 1/2 hour away). there just wasn't enough time. but we did run some errands, then played outside. here are the pics, enjoy ;)

bubba pulling (a very frightened) pooks in his new wagon
"seriously ma...enough with the pictures"
just a cute pic of the boys together, all ready for their walk
this pic is an oldie (from march) but I re-did the speech bubbles. so....what do you think?

if you are surprised beyond belief...WE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! this was definitely a pleasant surprise. all i can hear in my head is ''with the severity of your endometriosis, you'll probably never be able to have your own kids''--said by a DOCTOR. yeah, he was wrong! not to mention the 5 surgeries I've had to remove scar tissue and the fact that i have ONE ovary!?!

B and i are firm believers in ''things happen for a reason''. while we are a bit overwhelmed, we are also excited. oh, and pooks speech bubble is right...if i figured it up right, i'm due about mid December. i'll keep everyone updated as i find out more. and i BEG of you, please send me all the ''girl'' vibes that you can!


Very first belly pic....4 weeks and 1 day

Saturday, April 5, 2008

a little update on our little family...

i haven't updated in a couple days, so thought i would play catch-up for a second.

firstoff, bubba has an ear infection and allergies which basically = SNOT! everywhere. poor lil guy has even thrown up from all the drainage. he's been running a pretty constant fever and is super cuddly/clingy. obviously no pics. :(

pooks is crabby too, he is teething. both of his top two teeth have finally broken through the the same time. joy o joy, right? he's taken quite a few more bottles than usual lately, but still eats solids like a little piggy too!

b and i are (as a result of the above) TIRED! our plan for tomorrow is i will get up with the boys, b will sleep in, then i will nap with them in the afternoon and hopefully if all goes well (both with the boys and the weather) we are going to attempt to take them to the zoo. wish us luck! ;)

(on a side note if anyone knows where i can find/buy/steal (LOL) a Chicco C5 Twin Stroller, let me know. they are about $175 but I hear they are the best sidebyside strollers for the price. i need something for when we go on walks and to the zoo [normally i wear pooks but he's getting bigger and its getting hotter out] but i HATE the double strollers where they sit in front and behind. thanks in advance. donations gladly accepted! J/K!! )

Thursday, April 3, 2008

little miss diva... a "sara rose" tutu!!

i am good friends with another mama who makes tutu's. (in fact she has a blog too: , the addy is also in my links list to the right) well naturally when lil' miss was born i KNEW she needed a tutu. so i ordered her the teeny tiniest pink tutu i could find. stacy did a great job! here are the pics but fair warning---they are ADORABLE!

See??? weren't they adorable?? tutu by stacy, photo by me and lil' miss by Auntie S. add that all up and you get ADORABLE!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


today was pooks silly day. i swear everything he did today was just too silly! his newest thing is scrunching up his face, tilting his head back and ''smiling'' when you have the camera and tell him "Cheese". he looks slightly crazy but you can't help but laugh. here ya go, see for your self!
"CHEESE" in the tub

a sly little "CHEESE"
and the infamous wave while cheesing, lol

here are a few other random pics from today. every morning now that bubba is in his big boy bed, he comes into our room and crawls into bed with me. we play til pooks wakes up. once pooks is up i get them dressed and they play some more while mommy wakes up. here are my little peeping toms this morning:

being cheesy in bed
oh and i absolutely can't forget to add these pics in here too! me wearing little miss diva in my homemade sling. i made this when i was preggo with pooks, hence why its teal instead of a 'girly' color. but she was very content and she feel asleep right away. i was able to watch both boys, and the baby while Auntie S got a nice long hot shower. it worked out perfectly!! she started to get sleep, i gave her her binky and about 30 secs after this pic...she was out!