Thursday, January 31, 2008

me and bubba

i took this today with my cell. i thought it wad cute and wanted to share. he was saying ''cheese''.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a serious post...seriously, i'm not kidding. seriously.

first off, no pics for today. secondly, i'm feeling sentimental so this is a rambling kinda post about family and grandparents. enjoy getting a peak into my head ;)

today we stopped at great-nanaw phyllis' and great great nanaw byers house on the way down to my parents house. the boys did SO good on the drive, we didn't even have to watch the Backyardigans! whew! the nanaws spoil them rotten and love them to death so i knew they wouldn't have any problems watching them for a bit while i went over to my papas house. nanaw phyllis was worried but they did great. bubba didn't cry at all, which is awesome for him! of course they couldn't get over how big pooks was getting, how much hair he had, etc.

i am so glad that the boys love and are so close with their grandparents. it means so much to me, and i know it will mean a lot to them when they are a bit older. i loved having so many grandparents ( i seriously had 10 grandparents/great grandparents growing up) and i loved having them so close. while the number is a little smaller nowadays, i still love it. i feel bad because work, money, life, etc all get in the way sometimes and i feel like i don't visit as often as i should, but i love the time that i do get with each of them! even if its just visiting with papa barry for an hour like today, or taking nanaw phyllis to a doctors appt---i just love it and i can't wait for my kids to realize how special that is!

right now, just on my side of the family, they have nanaw, papa, 2 great papas, 2 great grandmas, and 2 great great grandmas! usually no more than 2 months go by before we visit or they visit, not counting phone calls and such. we try to go down every single holiday and some birthdays, and i am just so grateful! i just wish they all had internet to read/see my blog! the boys of course don't really 'get' it right now. although bubba is slowly starting to realize that he has a lot of nanaws!

he is really starting to adjust better with B's family too. i really think its just the language barrier that intimidates them. while they don't understand much english, and they don't understand any cambodian, i think that they do recognize the difference and are a little hesitant at first because of it. now that we live in the same town where B's parents and most of his siblings live, thats helped tremendously. i am just so glad and so fortunate to be surrounded by family! seriously, in 2 hours or less i can be at any of my grandparents house, my parents house, my inlaws house, several of my aunts/uncles/cousins houses...heck even my brother! its just great!

anyways, i hope you enjoyed my moment. now call your grandmas/grandpas!! seriously :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


***doing a happy dance***
TWO "Bears" were found today! Woohoo! Thanks to the awesome mamas who helped me out!! bubba will be beyond thrilled!
***resumes dancing***

we've got TEETH!

as in plural! while i was trying to get a picture of pooks tooth this morning..i noticed more than one! he is getting both bottom teeth. granted they are like a milimeter above his gumline right now, but still. i did get a they are!
(you should be able to click on the pic for a bigger image)
and a super close up...if you can't see them, well use your imagination!

Have YOU seen this toy??

this is bubba's ''bear''. yes, its a blue puppy-we wont go there. the real question is do you have one? have you seen one? bubba LOVES LOVES LOVES this toy, he has to have it to sleep, in the car and any other time he doesn't feel good, is nervous, or scared. the problem is, bear has been the ringer a few too many times. he is suppose to play music, but thats worn out. his pull handle on his tail broke off, which is minor. he has been restuffed, he's been washed, he's gotten an un-intentional bath a few times (seriously, in the bath tub). oh yeah, did i mention that we used to have more than one?! i bought a couple when target had them on clearance over a year ago. the first original bear, stopped playing music a long time ago, he lost most of his stuffing and an eye. i used to have to bang it against the floor for the music to play and even then it played for about 2 seconds. he is in bubba's memory box. we had another one that i have no clue what happened to it or where it is currently residing. needless to say, mama could really use another bear for backup. this one is kinda on its last leg and i've run out of options. especially now that bubba can pull the tail on his own, which he does when he gets tired, but isn't working out so well now that the music isn't playing very well. HELP! if you have this, know someone who has it, saw it at goodwill, see a kid in a store with it....get it! i will pay you for it, i promise. my blog readers--help me out! let me know if you find one!

Monday, January 28, 2008


well today we ran all of our errands in the morning, as usual but today we had to go to babies r us too, which we rarely do because frankly i think they are overpriced. but, i digress. at BRU i bought pooks a 'big boy' high chair like bubba's. i am so sick of how much space the big high chair takes up but mostly i feel bad because he's eating all by himself while we are all seated at the table. this solves that problem and the boys love it! as soon as bubba saw me taking it out of the box he looked over at his. i told him "this chair is for pooks so he can eat with you". do you know what he did? he went over to his own chair and pulled and dragged it over so it was beside pooks'. how stinking cute is that?? adorable.

anyways, here are the pics. in the first one you can just see how happy pooks is in the background!

just enjoying lunch side by side...(well pooks was working on his appetizer...cheerios!)

pooks looking like SUCH a big boy in his new chair. he was eating those kraft cheese crumbles...he loves them and they are perfect baby size! too cute!
the best part was: i got the normally $30 booster chair for $16.99. thanks to someone at BRU either not knowing how to stock shelves or read price labels, the chair was marked $19.99. which when it rang up ''wrong'' i told her. she checked and yep, it was suppose to be $19.99. plus i had a 15%off coupon. holla!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

i know, i know 3 posts in one day!?

you're probably thinking that i've gone mad or i have no life. i assure you that neither is true, i just have a lot of cute stuff to share! the latest news, that required yet ANOTHER post for today is.....POOKS HAS A TOOTH!!! his very first tooth! he is over 8 months old, but it finally popped through! its just barely out of the gum line but its cute! it also explains why he has been fussy the last two days. pooks is NEVER fussy unless he's hungry. its the bottom tooth on the left (if you're looking at him) and i'll get a picture just as soon as i can. i noticed it while he was in the tub and bubba accidentally hit him in the head with a measuring cup. needless to say, pooks started screaming and i saw the tooth! whoohoo!

fighting over toys already!?

we bought pooks this car, so he can learn how to push it and ride on it, obviously. its a $30 ride on that i got for $6.74!! we broke it out today so he could play. he really liked it!
until, bubba commandered it...he decided that he was bigger and he liked Elmo more.
all is well that ends well though...everyone is happy. if bubba wants to pass down his other car to pooks, pooks has no problems with that! and bubba loves how the new ride on sings ''la la la la, Elmo's world".

I spy with my little eye....

can you find the cheerio? how pooks does this....i'm not sure. but its interesting to say the least!
there it is! magically he pulled it out his ear?!
over the weekend we added two more tic tacs to our our new fishys, Pablo and Tyrone. (Pablo is the black fish [bubba thinks he's blue] and Tyrone is the orange gold fish. Backyardigans anyone?) bubba loves to watch them but we have to be careful or we find him sitting on the table!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

How you can tell Nanaw was here....

you know that nanaw and papa we're here visiting when bubba gets a chocolate iced with sprinkles krispy kreme donut for breakfast! that never happens with mom...the 'junkiest' thing he gets then is captain crunch!

(do we like the effects on the pic? i was playing around with or no?)

here are a couple other pics of bubba that i thought were cute. these are from friday. i was in the bedroom changing pooks and came into the living room, hearing bubba saying 'dada'....this is what he was doing:

in other news, pooks is starting to become mobile. you're probably thinking ''oh he started crawling/cruising/walking?" but you'd be wrong. while sitting, he proceeds to put his hands down in front of him on the floor (between his legs) and pull himself forward. so essentially, he is scooting around on his booty. he can move a good 5 or 6 feet at a time. he just started a couple days ago, on the tile and now is doing it on the carpet. nanaw and papa got to see this too! however i did not get a pic yet, but will shortly. i think thats all thats new around here...more later!

Monday, January 21, 2008


okay guys,
someone, who always signs their comments with 'anonymous' seems to think that i am pregnant. i'm NOT! i am not pregnant, i do not plan on getting pregnant for 3+ years. i am not having a girl or a boy because i am not having a baby. i don't know how the heck they got that impression, but i'm not. sorry to call you on it (whomever you may be!) but i am not expecting. i have my hands full as is and right now, i'm just enjoying the time with bubba and pooks!
***back to your regular scheduled programming***

Saturday, January 19, 2008

a million and one pics...almost!


these were all taken tonight, after dinner. we played around for a good hour and i managed to get quite a few pictures, most are adorable (naturally!). the boys are doing great, and pooks rolled over from back to belly today!!! that might seem minor, but i really needed it! big accomplishment but no pic....anywho, this should help you get a fix for awhile!

the boys sharing sippy cups

bubba sitting on pooks, having fun!

uh-oh, bubba has a look in his eye....

how you can tell pooks has had enough! (j/k, idk what he was doing!)

pooks in his first pair of sneaks!
... and making them his own with a touch of drool
bubba flying
me and my boys!
whoa, pooks walking!? nope, just standing hands free for a mili-second
bubba plotting can just tell!
this was actually taken yesterday, the boys were on the computer talking to nanaw and papa over the webcam. bubba was giving kisses!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pictures from last weekend...

these pics were all taken last weekend at Papa's and Nanaws. i thought they were adorable, so i had to share. i'll admit, most are of pooks...bubba doesn't want to sit to still for pics these days.

"nanaw said cookies are for breakfast!" pooks playing with papas beard and giggling...
pooks getting a handful of his beard...
pooks realizing i saw the whole thing! (i cannot believe how big he looks in this pic!)
look closely...pooks is in that picture too! hanging out in papas new chair.

Breakfast at the TicTacs....

wow. as the boys get older, everything gets alot more interesting, and messier. this morning i made pooks oatmeal...which he refused to eat because he is apparently on an all cheerio diet. he screamed and spit out the banana oatmeal but he scarfed down cheerios. well, all of them except the one stuck to his nose, that he didn't know about. it actually stuck to his face the entire time he ate, about 20 minutes. which, bubba in turn found hilarious.

meanwhile, while pooks was hamming it up with food all over his face. bubba proceeded to eat all of pooks "'Noooo', aka ''snow''. I guess when you're a toddler, a bowl of oatmeal looks like a bowl of snow. He proceeded to eat every bite, while saying ''hmm....noooo'' after each bite. i managed to get a pic, but its kinda blurry. and yes, he is eating it with a baby spoon. and yes, its running down his face. **these boys are crazy, but i wouldn't have it any other way :D **

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Blues Brothers?!?

Both: "Check us out!"

Pooks: "Hey Baby, How you doin'?"
Bubba: "Sup?"

Bubba: "What did you just say?"

Bubba: "Gimme that, those are mine."
Pooks: "No way, leave me alone."

Pooks: "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Pooks: "Give em back."
Bubba: "I don't think so!"

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

since i've been harrassed....

here are some recent pics. they are all from the other night. they range from pooks eating, to the boys dancing and then there are a couple nakey booty shots! enjoy!

pooks eating ham. not easy with no teeth.
bubba showing offpooks getting his gums brushed. he loves it!
dancing to the Backyardigan's
Doing the robot? (its blurry but SO cute!)"hey, i can take this off?!?"
"No Mama, no no no!" (and I quote)

what a view! trying to cover the booty back up!pooks waiting for his bath