Tuesday, December 9, 2008

you decide!

this is peanut:
this is pooks:
this is bubba:so YOU decide...who does peanut look like?

i still say bubba! he's got bubba's chubby cheeks, the same lips and when his eyes are open--they look like bubba (in this pic peanut was getting ready to open his eyes so they look different). all the boys have the same chin and their noses are very similar but i still say he looks like bubba. i do have to say though that peanuts skin tone is much lighter than the other boys. obviously in the picture you can see that but in real life i think his skin is lighter too. so hows that for comparison? post who you think he looks like in a comment, nanaw and i are on opposite sides and i want to see who is right ;)
on another note, i totally forgot to update after peanuts 2 week appt. basically the only thing we learned was that he is not jaundice--its all cleared up, and his weight. at birth he weighed 6lbs 13oz, when we left the hospital he was down to 6lbs 8oz and at two weeks....

7lbs 2 oz! not too shabby for a ''36 weeker" as the hospital kept labeling him. he looked good and on the 18th i take both pooks and peanut back for well baby check-ups. pooks will be 19mos old (but it's his 18mos check up) and peanut will be 1 month. i'm curious to see what they each weigh. pooks is freaking heavy- just solid and peanut has already outgrown all his premie sleepers in length and is wearing newborn size. (bubba won't go back for a check up til he's 3)
and lastly one other thing i wanted to share:

we found pooks a race car bed! W00hoO! i managed to find one on craigslist, i called and she still had it. (its not here but in the town we just moved from) the bed is exactly like bubba's so it couldn't be more perfect. plus the price was extremely reasonable. the downside is that its over 2 hours away but luckily my favorite aunt in the whole wide world is going to go get it for us, so thank you aunt d! hopefully if the weather is cooperating we'll be able to go pick it up on Saturday.

and honestly Sat couldn't get here quickly enough since pooks climbed out of his crib all by himself this morning. he's never gotten out or shown any signs of wanting to, but this morning when i went in their room he had his butt and legs hanging on the outside and was belly sliding down. B was going to convert the crib into a toddler bed tonight but now we'll wait til this weekend and just take it down. hopefully it was a fluke and he won't try to get out again...or at least not til we get his bed up!


  1. I think that he really resembles Bubba. The eyes, nose, and mouth look the same with Peanut and Bubba. It is hard to tell with Bubbas hat on, but I think his head is shaped like Bubba's too. Pooks is a little more round. You sure can tell that they are brothers.
    Sorry Nanaw!

  2. In the pictures above, I think he looks more like Pooks. However with his eyes open, I think he looks EXACTLY like Bubba! If you REALLY want to win the debate with Nanaw, I think you should post comparison pics with their eyes open...that would win hands down! :)



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