Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mama called the doctor and the doctor said...

all 3 kids are healthy!

okay so i didn't call her but we (myself & Nanaw) took the boys in for pooks' 18mos check up and peanuts 1 month check-up. can you even believe that peanut is a month old already!? crazy, i know but true. bubba did not have a check up but obviously he went with us and i had questions about him too.

firstoff: peanut.

my cute little peanut is slowly turning into peanut butter---still technically a peanut but a little chunky! at birth he weighed 6lbs 13oz and today *drum roll please* he weighed a whopping 9lbs 2oz! he also grew an entire inch in length. overall he's a growing boy and looks great! his skin color looks great so there is no threat of jaundice, he uses both sides of his body, he has a great startle reflex and awesome neck/head control. he is a bit congested so we need to keep an eye on that, using a bulb syringe as needed and bringing him back if starts to have trouble breathing or eating. he goes back in a month for another check up and first round of shots.

on to....pooks:

pooks is 19mos old but this was his 18mos check up since one month ago i was having a baby. the first thing i have to say is that pooks does NOT weigh more than bubba-- contrary to popular belief. he was 31.5 inches tall and weighed 25.4lbs (which is 2 lbs less than bubba). developmentally he looks great. he uses plenty of words: mama, dada, hi, bye, go, car, hotdog, please, no, yes, snow, Elmo--just to name a few. he can stack blocks, he knows a few body parts, he understands commands (understands, not follows!) and he's a stinker which is completely normal for an almost 2 year old :) he did get one shot but he did quite well once he got his balloon. he comes back for another check up at 2 yrs old.

and finally:bubba

i had questions for Dr. S about getting him tested for allergies. while i think its quite obvious that he has either a wheat sensitivity or allergy i want to be positive. we've noticed great changes since we cut out wheat from his diet. we've slowly been adding it back in and some days there are no changes and other days he has meltdowns and belly aches. the other night he had pizza and was fine but for lunch yesterday he had macaroni and cheese and the afternoon was horrible. i just want answers.

i also wanted to make sure that there is anything else that may be contributing to his asthma. mainly i want to make sure he's not allergic to our dogs. while i don't think he would be (no one in our family is allergic to dogs) i also don't want to be unknowingly exposing him to something that's making him sick. nanaw, uncle matt and myself are all allergic to cats and nanaw is allergic to rabbits so its not that far fetched. anyways, he had to have blood drawn (thanks nanaw for holding him!) and we have an appt with the allergist on Jan 14th to go over the results. hopefully we find something out!

whew! the whole appt took well over an hour. weighing, measuring and checking 2 kiddos takes awhile, talking about everything took longer, and doing all of this after waking them from their nap then getting shots/giving blood--ugh--made it almost unbearable! needless to say it was a long day and i'm ready for bed!

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  1. I am glad that everyone is healthy and growing like little boys should. They sure grow up fast. Hard to believe Peanut is already one month.



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