Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kachow! K-k-k-chow!

it was brought to my attention yesterday by a blog follower that i have never posted pictures of bubba's car bed or their room at all. (i know i posted some pics when we moved of peanuts' bed but i guess i forgot the older boys'.) we are currently looking for a car bed for pooks...so if you know someone who is getting rid of a toddler car bed, drop me a line please! he loves his crib, he's never even tried to get out of it...he'll try to get IN it, but not crawl out. but he is a little rough on it and we're not sure how it will hold up when converted to a toddler bed. (i kid you not the child has chewed the side rail so much that it's missing paint and has bite marks).

i should add that little do they know but they are getting more stuff for their room for Christmas. we ordered pooks a toddler bedding set in "Cars", i believe that nanaw found a couple "Cars" lamps and we might get the wallpaper border that matches the decals that are already up and around the room. the boys LOVE cars...the movies, cars and trucks in general, so the theme seemed fitting.

anyways, without further ado (and to keep my readers happy) here is their "Cars" room:

from the doorway
(don't mind the curtains on the closet--removing the doors opened up the room and now bubba can get to his dresser by himself)

pooks bed

bubbas bed
and there you have it-bubba and pooks' room :)

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  1. That is an awesome bed! Thanks for showing their room. Also loved seeing everyone yesterday. What a lovely family!



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