Friday, December 12, 2008

its been a busy busy morning!

it's not even noon yet and it has been hectic at the tic tac house this morning!

firstoff, bubba woke up screaming--coughing, wheezing and completely uncomfortable. i called the doctor to get him in...i was pretty sure it was his asthma but wanted to double check especially since its the weekend and this asthma thing is new to us. well by 8:30 when the office opened he was fussy, crying, wheezing and we had to suction mucous out of his nose. they said they could see him at 10:45am so i started a breathing treatment on his nebulizer. while doing that, i missed a call on my cell; of course it was the doctors office wanting to know if i could be there in 10 minutes?! um, okay. so B stayed with peanut and pooks while myself and bubba (still in his pj's) jumped in the car.

he officially has full blown asthma. he now has to have breathing treatments every morning and night-EVERY DAY, not just when he's sick. then when he is sick he has to have them every 4 hours until he's wheezing subsides. if his wheezing doesn't subside, then we have to do an oral steriod on top of the breathing treatments.


just when i finally get a morning routine down for all three kiddos, i gotta work something else into the mix! i just hope bubba starts to feel better soon...its so hard seeing him sick!

speaking of new routines, we're going to have an interesting night tonight because we got pooks' his race car bed! b picked it up last night but it stayed downstairs as they were already asleep. first thing this morning he carried it upstairs and started taking down the crib. (which pooks climbed out of again last night!) the boys had a blast! i made sure to take a lot of pics:

well this is new!
watching Daddy take down his crib
(yes, he cried!)
trying it out with his new pillow...seems to like it!
and their room now that I rearranged it. we obviously couldn't have pooks' bed right next to the toy bins, lol.
view from the door
view to the right
view to the left
bubba's bed
pooks' bed...we plan on getting him a "Cars" poster to go over it too!
i can't wait to see their room all finished after Christmas! knowing what we got them and what nanaw got them--its going to be so so cute!


  1. Sorry to hear that Bubba is sick again. That asthma is not fun. The room looks great with those 2 car beds. Will be looking forward to seeing what it looks like after Christmas.



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