Saturday, December 6, 2008

I sure do like those Christmas cookies

one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the baking/cooking/smells of the holidays. from cookies, to chex mix, to pumpkin pie and fudge--whats not to love right?

tonight we went over to nanaw and papa's house and the boys got to help nanaw make sugar cookies. this was their first Christmas where they were really able to understand what was going on and they are at the age where they like helping and cooking so they got a big kick out of it. bubba even said ''cookie dough" and ''jingle bell"! he loved eating the cookie dough raw which we had to finally tell him to stop or else he'd get a bad tummy ache. he was sneaking it when nanaw and i had our backs turned or were distracted with pooks.

speaking of pooks....*sigh* (i swear i actually sigh just thinking about the things that kid gets into!)...he is to ornery and fearless. he was climbing up and down the bar stools, jumping on the sofa, reaching for the cookie sheets, almost sat on peanut, was throwing and kicking ornaments off of the tree, talking on the phone--the list goes on! his newest thing is saying ''no''. and not as a tantrum but as an answer for any question you ask. its just this cute drawn out little ''noooo". between that and everything tasting "so nummy" or "num num"; those were his words for the day. while they were baking he wasn't allowed to be near the counter top while nanaw was rolling out the dough because he was trying to eat the flour, get the cookie cutters, eat the dough, and eat the sprinkles (which he did).

anyways here are some pictures from the baking session. now these photos are from papa's camera which he so graciously let me use since i hadn't brought my thanks papa!

pooks trying cookie dough for the first time
it was "so nummy- so nummy"
bubba helping nanaw flatten the dough
getting excited about the jingle bell they made
playing in flour while no one was looking
(and no one expected bubba to play in it because he doesn't like to be dirty!)

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  1. I can't tell who was having the most fun, nanaw or the kids!



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