Sunday, December 21, 2008

complete randomness

i realized that i haven't posted any pics in over a week! yikes, that is like forever on my blog. so i finally dumped my camera onto the computer and this is the resulting randomness:

here are a ton of baking/holiday pics:
pooks' enjoying puppy chow
bubba checking out the puppy chow
helping mommy make sugar cookies
making ''ho ho tee ookie dough'' (aka Christmas Tree cookie dough)
really concentrating on using that rolling pin
the chocolate covered mint oreos that we made friday morning....yum!
peanut inside his stocking that nanaw made him
looking at the Christmas tree lights
nanaw with all of her boys
(they were laughing at papa)
all of these pictures i took of peanut thursday afternoon. the older boys were asleep and he was wide awake, being silly.
a little smirk
(he smiled but i didn't catch it on the camera)

"what are you lookin' at?"
"no don't hurt me!"
i couldn't think of a saying, but worth 1,000 words regardless....
friday night we did some last minute Christmas shopping and then because the boys were SO good at the mall, we went ahead and treated them to McDonalds. they wanted to use chopsticks like daddy so thats how they ate their nuggets.

bubba really got the hang of it
pooks did not...but he had fun!!


  1. Wonderful pics!!!!! I love them all.

    Nanaw pam

  2. Cute pictures! I really liked the ones of Peanut. Quite the expressions there.


  3. You are always so on top of this blogging thing...I love seeing all of the updates and fun pics! It seems like there's never a dull moment there and you guys are always having fun! Your boys will have some great family memories to look back on! :) Merry Christmas!


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