Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas (Part 1)

okay so i'm going to have to split up our holiday festivities into several posts. WAY too many pictures. so for now here are pictures from Christmas day. keep in mind we had a total of 5 different get'll literally take days for me to go through all those pics but here are a few...

opening presents at our house christmas morning was a lot of fun. the boys really ''got it'' this year but they were somewhat overloaded. they would open a present and be wowed and perfectly content with it. we had to coax them to keep going and to keep opening more. we didn't go crazy with gifts this year and it turned out to work in our favor! i honestly didn't take that many pictures...i was busy enjoying the kids and nursing peanut. b videotaped the whole ordeal so we do have it just not in photos.

as for peanut, well he didn't really have an opinion of anything! he mostly slept. in fact, i don't know that i even got a picture of him Christmas morning...i know he was sleeping in his swing, and i know papa took a lot of pics with his new camera so i may have more pictures to add/post later.
Santa came!
Our tree Christmas morning
(notice the boys' new playhut?)
pooks attempting to open his present from Santa
bubba surrounded by his stocking, presents and goodies
bubba opening his gift from Santa
pooks playing with his new cars
comparing cars, they each got one from Santa
playing together
nanaw opening her and papa's present, the boys' hand/foot prints
and finally, their ''big'' gift from their auntie--a wooden play kitchen. they got to open it on Christmas eve because i had already assembled it and it's heavy! originally it was going to stay in the basement until Christmas day but the sucker is solid wood so it became an early present!
i know that i have boys, i'm not trying to make up for the fact that i don't have a daughter--they genuinely like cooking and pretending. before they had the kitchen they would pretend to cook/eat invisible food. they like to stir and help me cook so it made sense. it took B a bit to come around but now that he sees how much they like it, he doesn't care. plus look at all the male chefs these days: bobby flay, emeril, rocco, etc. its not just julia childs anymore.

already bubba has made B a sandwich and a hamburger, he made me cookies and pooks loves to use the pots and pans that nanaw & papa got them. pooks also love bringing me the fruit--he can say banana and apple! bubba always says '' yike mommy?" ("Like Mommy?") whenever he's "cooking". its freaking adorable.

okay thats all for now, peanut is up! more later....

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