Tuesday, December 30, 2008

cars, cars and oh yeah, more cars....

is what the boys wanted and received for christmas. "Cars" bedding, toys, crayons, stickers, tattoos, lamps, sippy cups, floor rug--i'm sure that i'm missing something but that's besides the point. their obsession has been filled...a 4 year old pixar movie is what my toddlers love, so we went with it.

their room is decked out. they got new lamps and a floor rug from nanaw and papa (and even "Cars" shelf liner?!) and then Santa brought them new bedding. so their room is "Cars" everything!
the floor rug that they play with all their cars on
pooks' bed complete with poster
(i forgot to get a pic of his new "Mater" lamp)
bubba with his bed, complete with Lighting McQueen lamp

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  1. All the pictures are sooo cute. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun. You will have to put a picture of peanut on so we can see how much he has grown.

    Happy New Year!!



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