Sunday, November 9, 2008

we set up the crib!

our house is starting to feel like a home! it took a week but i finally hung all of our pictures up in the living and dining room, the boys have their toys all set up/put away in their room and i finally feel like our house reflects the fact that we are having a baby in a few short weeks. obviously we assembled the swing already and today, B built the crib.

i think i said it before but peanut will be in our room for awhile. we decided that since the {older} boys have a great bed time routine (they both sleep through the night and they are used to eachother's noises) we'll keep peanut in our room until he's sleeping through the night too, possibly longer. since i will be breastfeeding it just seems logical. plus the boys are SO noisy during their bedtime/pajama time routine; between the singing and dancing, followed by wrestling pooks to get his pj's on, then 2 books and the bedtime kisses and tucking in--peanut would never get to rest!

so needless to say, B set up the crib in our room. we will use the bassinet for naps downstairs and he'll sleep in his crib at night. he has his own 'side' in our room. i cleared out my antique dresser and he'll be using that for his jammies, outfits, and blankets (my clothes are in the closet anyways) and we'll use the top as a changing table. it works out quite well actually, we did this with pooks at night when he was a newborn. then he has his crib with mobile and we were even able to fit the glider/rocker in the corner. i was quite impressed! i knew it was a big bedroom, but I didn't realize HOW big until we got everything set up. here is a kinda crappy pic, but you get the idea:
surprisingly, there is still quite a bit of room on my side to walk through and such. i have a little shelf that i need to hang over the changing table and then i was thinking i might hang a lantern/globe light over the rocker for subtle lighting. its not completely ideal but for only have a 20 day notice that we were moving, i think we did quite well.

oh and i also had B take a belly pic. ignore the fact that its a completely unflattering angle--he didn't want to have to get up off of the couch. apparently that was asking too much during the eagles/giants game. regardless, i'm 35 weeks!

compared to 30 weeks:

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