Sunday, November 30, 2008

turkey day!

a few days late but oh well!

my goal on wednesday was to teach bubba and pooks to say ''happy thanksgiving'' or at least ''happy turkey day'' before the holiday. well, that didn't happen but they can say ''gobble gobble gobble" so they told everyone ''gobble gobble gobble'' whenever they were wished a happy thanksgiving. it was pretty cute!

we had a great thanksgiving and i hope that all of you did too! we went over to nanaw and papa's house early in the morning (after a starbucks run) and stayed until it was the boys' bedtime. we hung out with uncle matt, aunt rachel, great papa barry, nanaw and papa; we ate turkey, ham and all the fixin's including pumpkin pie and a WONDERFUL coconut cream pie. *mmmm, it was delicious!* we watched football and and lounged around--all the things that you are supposed to do on thanksgiving.

my one mistake for the day was in how i explained what thanksgiving was to the boys. i told them that we were going over to nanaw and papa's house for thanksgiving. that thanksgiving was a day where we celebrated everything and everyone that made us happy, we told everyone 'thank you', we get to eat all day and watch football. (okay not a great definition but hello, they are 2.5 and 1.5 years old!) well my mistake was the ''eat all day" part, because from the moment we walked through nanaw and papa's front door, they wanted to eat. they had already had breakfast but then they ate some fruit snacks, raisins, i think they had a croissant with ham and cheese, grapes--heck i can't remember everything that they snacked on! next time i will not mention the eating!

well here are some pics. surprisingly i didn't take too many...strange i know, but here are the good ones:
all the boys napping before dinner
(don't worry, peanut was only placed there for the pic-lol)
peanut with great papa barry
aunt rachel and uncle matt
pooks LOVED pumpkin pie!
bubba loved cool whip--not so much the pie
and then, to catch up on today:

today we just hung out around the house. we didn't go anywhere or really do anything special just enjoyed the weekend. we did take a 3 hour nap that was WONDERFUL. i love naps! b goes back to work tomorrow (he's been home since the day i had peanut) so tomorrow will be my first day flying solo...wish us luck! here are a few cute pictures from today:

the boys hugging--by choice!
bubba just reached out and hugged pooks and he actually hugged back!
and another, just because i couldn't believe it!
and this has totally been done before but i couldn't resist trying it. i love little baby feet...and peanut's are definitely tiny! the wedding ring thing--i thought was cute and it gives an idea of just how tiny those toes really are! usually its followed by some cheesy quote 'all because two people fell in love' or something along those lines. i can do without that but i do like the picture!

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  1. I love the new layout of the page...super cute! The pictures of the boys from Thanksgiving are great too.


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