Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some people!

okay so i have to use my blog to vent, i try not to but i just can't get over this!

tonight after bubba and pooks were in bed and B was installing even MORE baby-proofing devices (pooks is like a baby MacGyver) i ran to the store. i needed 2 things: Tums and i wanted to buy 3 newspapers. obviously Obama becoming president is a huge deal and i wanted a paper to keep in each boys' baby book. i see it as we grew up learning about Rosa Parks refusing to sit on the back of the bus, the boys are growing up with a minorty as PRESIDENT. and its not just something they will read about later, its happening in their lifetime.

anyways, i digress.

so i get to the store to buy the newspapers...they are in the machines out front. so i'm making sure i have enough quarters while i wait for the guy in front of me (who just pulled up and got out of his vechicle). this assclown proceeds to put in his .75 cents and take WAY more than 1 paper. he took all of them except for the display paper. i think he stole at least 4 papers, which obviously is wrong. i mean not only are newspaper machines basically an honor system anyways, but to steal ALL the papers, and to steal them when someone is waiting behind you is just rude! luckily even though all the metro papers were out and USA Today was out, our little dinky local paper had plenty left. (and i paid for and took 3...what a concept!) which i guess is cute for memory sake.

but seriously, who does that? and with an election paper that obviously people want to buy?

ugh. what a punk...karma will bite him in the ass someday!

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