Wednesday, November 12, 2008

pictures of b and p

it seems like its been forever since i updated with pics of the boys; in reality its been since halloween but regardless i took some pictures tonight. lately i've had baby stuff on the brain, trying to get things organized and ready and i've been neglecting to take pics. don't worry, i haven't neglected them (i promise!) but i've neglected my camera. so without further ado:

bubba being silly while eating cherry cobbler after supper

pooks eating his cobbler too!
when he finished his cobbler, he tackled B
lovin' on his baby. hopefully he does this well with peanut!

making faces at papa while driving

where was bubba during all of this? oh STILL eating his cobbler. he knew that after dessert he'd have to get his bath so he took over 30 minutes to eat his cobbler. sneaky little guy.

this is him rolling his eyes...he thinks its hilarious!

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  1. cute cute cute . I just love those little faces.


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