Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it's the little things in life

that amuses toddlers.

tonight after supper while i was loading the dishwasher and cleaning up, B helped the boys make a house out of a box. just an old moving box but a box mixed with 8 jumbo crayons, entertained them for over an hour (until they had to get a bath and get ready for bed). i know that bubba especially could have kept going for awhile but it was already 7:45 and they are usually asleep by then! anyways, i made sure to get a ton of pics and chances are tomorrow i'll be able to get even more...

pooks going to get a different color crayon

bubba inside....pooks provided most of the interior decorating

telling me ''cheese'' (notice backyardigan Tyrone, as requested he is on the outside and Pablo is inside...hey I did my best!)

pooks inspecting the "doorknob"

working on the interior "paint"

admiring the wall color (?)

surprisingly they both fit in it quite well, and share
once the newness of the 'house' started to wear off, pooks started to run around the living room and he and i played together. one thing i wanted to do before Peanut gets here was to take some pics of the boys kissing my belly. i have one of bubba kissing my belly when i was preggo with pooks and i just love it. well bubba was pretty wrapped up in his house, but B was able to get a couple of really cute ones of pooks.

the funny thing is, pooks needs no convincing or bribing to kiss my belly...he does it on his own all the time. he'll randomly come over and pull my shirt up over my belly and give kiss after kiss. so as soon as B asked him where the baby was, he ran right over and started giving out the love. here are my 2 favorite shots:

hope you enjoyed :)

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